New things on Life of Srish

Remember how I mentioned in this post that I am thinking to start some new things on the blog? Well, here they are. Actually, I was (and still am) only confused about point 1, I was pretty excited about point 2 & 3. Read on to know what I am blabbering about:

1. Life of Srish is now on Facebook. Most of the regular readers here actually come from WordPress Reader, so I understand that you wouldn’t need to like the Facebook page but if you happen to know someone who is not a blogger or generally prefers Facebook for reading blogs and you think that they might like what we have on this blog, then please direct them to the page here. I have also put a Facebook icon in my sidebar.

Moving on to brighter things,

2. Group talk Tuesdays Mondays (I have decided to now have this feature on Monday because that makes things more symmetrical for me 😛 )? I was thinking if there’s one day where instead of a blog post by an individual (me), we have an interactive post as a group where, of course, the post will be initiated by me (as I am the only writer on Life of Srish right now). For example, I can ask which is your dream travel destination or I can seek advice on something that’s bothering me. If any of you wish to share an experience, share some joke, seek advice on some problem or even share sale deals that you recently came across, you can mail me at and that thing will be posted on the coming Tuesday Monday. If you like this idea, please suggest a nice name for this feature. 😦

3. Friday’s list of…  And here’s my favorite. Every Friday, I want to do a post which contains a list of something. Like, a list of my 5 favorite street foods. A list of 11 books that I loved reading this year. Friday’s List of 7 things that you should avoid on a date (hey, this is just an example. Honestly, there are no rules. I almost sound like a grand mom 😛 ). So far, I have decided to name this feature Friday’s List, if you have any better name suggestions, do share for sure. So, these are the three things. 🙂 This is one post I really, really want you guys to comment on with your suggestions and ideas. Please do give your comments. 🙂

58 thoughts on “New things on Life of Srish

  1. Hey, I loved your ideas Srish specially point number two. It is a very good initiative for your blog as well as for us 😊. Getting to know each other will be so much fun, right. As for a suggesting a name, I am too bad at that but maybe you think of Rendezvous tuesdays! And also the list 👌. All the best Srishty.

  2. Hey srishty,finally you have come up with the ideas:)) i like “group talk tuesdays”.
    1). Tuesday -our day.
    2). Tuesdays with srishty.
    3). Tuesday – Made our day!

    Let me see if i can come up with some more rhyming titles.

    All the best!!

    • Thank you so much Upen for helping. It really means a lot to me. 🙂 And, hahaha, I truly did not realize that my whole confusion thing made it seem suspense-like. But I am happy that it did 😛 because that’s what pushed me to really start otherwise I am sure I would have delayed it for at least two more months.

      I am so far liking Our Day Tuesday and Rendezvous Tuesdays. Let’s see if any among us comes up with something more. I hope you get an idea related to Friday as well 😀 Thank you so much, again 🙂

  3. And mark my words girl, you are slowly but steadily moving towards being a social icon type of Girl.. I mean you are beautiful and well settled in career. You have an adorable blog and good ideas to connect with people.

    I actually liked the idea no. 3 ; 7 points, 12 points are generally very interesting to read ( If written good with pictures).. I am with you

    • Raman, that is way too sweet of you, honestly. 🙂 Thank you! 🙂 Although I don’t consider myself anywhere near that as of now but I would aspire to be all that 🙂

      Even I like all these lists-like posts, they are fun to read 😀 and you are right, they are only good with pictures. I am actually worried about that part because I don’t like using pictures off Google but it’s not possible to have pictures of everything I write about. Let’s see how that goes 🙂

  4. Oh! Tnk u. Come up with any name Srishty, which is very catchy. And as someone mentioned, U have all qualities to be an “author”. I remember Preethi shenoy who started herself blogging first before being professional author.. I think the day is not far to see u as a novelist. Keep writing, wish u all success for ur new venture. We are with u.. 🙂

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  6. Badiya idea hai, 2 and 3 both 🙂 (Y)
    Very much looking forward to them, even I was planning that group discussion sort of a thing, on serious topics, or interesting and new concepts, like complicated jargons. Have u decided a discussion platform u would embed on the blog, I was searching for them, abhi chutiya hui hai na, plan kare tha implement karne ka december me hi !

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