Blogmas Day 3| Bedtime Tales

Wanted to acknowledge the privilege and the boon of having a calming, fulfilling and happy bed time. Reading my book, browsing through Instagram and two of my most favorite things remain – slowly and mindfully doing my skin care routine and cuddling with the husband. Now the skin care routine can just mean applying coconut oil on my arms on some days and 2-3 step face care on others but what matters is how soothing this process is and just how happy being able to do it makes me. Also, nothing can beat midnight (and right after waking up) hugs.

26 | Nothing lasts forever?

Sometimes, when I read this statement on some or the other source, I start wondering just how much do I believe if its true. I never manage to conclude. Is it really true that absolutely nothing lasts forever? Change is the only constant? I am inclined to believe its true, because I don’t have too much of a counter argument. However, if someone does, I am ears. I feel love does last forever, but then two more thoughts: 1) its an evolving thing, so, it can be classified under the change is the only constant category, 2) some people feel that mankind’s natural instinct is monogamous, that’s another angle to look at now!

21 | All set, done & ready for the next steps

So, I shared a post on day 17 . Things went very well overall, but the stuff for which I was expecting apprehensions also happened in a magnitude bigger than my expectations. Amidst that, I didn’t get a chance to feel happy for the new beginnings. Now all the things have settled on a happy note and slowly the feeling of happiness is setting in.

It is finally happening, it’s all good from here. Here’s to love, luck and happiness for all of us!

I’ll definitely try to write about all this in more detail some time. By the way, I had already wrote a post for day 18 because I knew I am going to be busy. Forgot to press the publish button (or schedule the post).🙄

Want your thoughts!

You are too volatile. You are such an over thinker. You are unstable. You get angry so quickly.

Well, absolutely not saying that being any of that is any good. However, if you are so calm, stable, always balanced, super rational, then does that make you less passionate compared to the likes of me?

True, you will not hate unabashedly, you will not unleash anger all of  a sudden (and beyond repair, of course!), but would you love as fiercely as the likes of me either?

Would appreciate your thoughts on this, all of you reading it. 🙂

Guddu Love

DSC_0821 ‘You choose your friends, but you don’t get to choose your family’.

I am so glad that I managed to be a part of the same one as you, Guddu. Even though I have lost count of the number of times we have cracked the joke that if/when all of us are married, our spouses will feel that they are meeting people from a different planet when they meet our family. 😀

You have taught me how to be practical about everything. You have taught me how to carry on with life smoothly. You have taught me how to deal with situations smoothly. You have encouraged me to not take bullshit from anyone. You have taught me how to build long and lasting relationships. You have encouraged and guided me about how to be adaptive to situations and not be rigid about anything. You are so good at it! Although it is also because of the fact that you are casual about most petty things in life. 😀 It is funny how every elder person of our family keeps asking us to learn something from you because let’s face it, in the Indian patriarchal system, it does help a girl to be adaptive to situations. You have also helped me in learning things other than those intended. For example, I have learned that since I probably cannot be as casual about petty things, I might as well direct myself towards achieving things that actually matter, instead of stating and justifying my opinion and life in general to everyone. As for you, you care about everyone, but you can live without anyone of these. You have taught me how to be strong, how to be adjusting and how to simply keep going. I have never seen you come to us crying about your life and I know it for a fact that you have faced bigger challenges, maybe you do discuss things with Anku because you have lived together.

We have never lived together in our entire lives (so far) but the (almost) perfect sister that you are, I and Anku can discuss anything under the sun with you. I remember the time after my first year in college when I was really depressed about my life due to some petty reasons. We were just having a casual conversation when you explained to me how I was not standing up for myself in that particular situation. You probably do not even remember this conversation because it was too casual, but since then, there hasn’t been any looking back in this department. 😉

Guddu, you have encouraged me to come out of tough situations by simple, casual talks of yours. You have helped and guided me to be a stronger, self-reliant person. You have taught me how to be easy-going, how to worry less and do more. You have also taught me how to bring people together. Basically, you have helped me to grow. You continue to help me in growing as a person.

As clichéd as it may sound, I am lucky to have you in my life.

This post has been written as part of IndiBlogger’s happy hours campaign with HDFC – ‘Apno Ko Apne Dum Pe Jeena Sikhao’. Wow, I just realized how perfectly the tagline fits to my post! For more details about the HDFC campaign, you can check out and there’s a video for this as well, I am attaching it below and in all honesty, it is quite touching. 🙂 

7 Personalized Gift Ideas for special people in your life!

20141212_2156001 Who doesn’t like personalized gifts? Many a time I come across these wonderful posts about thoughtful gifting ideas that I thought it’s only fair I too compile a list of ideas, for I know that they can make the person receiving the gift really, really happy. Today’s Friday’s List is about just that, few gifting ideas that will make someone cry with happiness:

  1. A diary full of 365 (366) days: I am so proud to admit that this is entirely my idea, I did not hear about it or read it anywhere but it completely occurred to me :P, if it is a famous thing, then I am not aware of it. I cannot stop shouting that I thought of it on my own, hahaha! Annoying habits aside, the idea is to make a diary for someone where you write something for them or generally write anything on each day of the year and gift it to them on their birthday or any other special day. I don’t think I need to explain how overwhelmingly beautiful this would be, right?
  2. Birthday postcards: For example, someone is turning 22, so you make 22 postcards with each postcard mentioning a quality about them or something like that. You can also call it making mini greeting cards. This can obviously be customized for other occasions as well.
  3. A personal calendar: A cousin of mine loved me for suggesting this to her, that was sometime back. I think this is pretty popular by now? Many printing websites and local stores like the ones who print pictures on coffee mugs offer these calendars. You can get a table calendar made for each of the months with pictures chosen by you and you can also put certain quotes, special marks etc on certain dates of your choice. I have never seen a wall calendar of this sort but that would be a great idea! I got one made from and due to some offers, it came out to be extremely cheap, while the quality was really, really good.
  4. A letter: Irrespective of how clichéd this sounds, if you have given a hand-written letter to someone or received it, you know how cherished it is, no seriously, if you haven’t done this till now, do it. I received this as a gift and even the envelope was personalized, I can’t begin to describe how good it felt.
  5. Treasure Hunt: This is actually what triggered this post. I have had the idea of doing this post a long while ago but forgot about it. Today I came across this post where she organized a treasure hunt on her husband’s birthday with every clue leading to a gift. I think it’s a wonderful idea and wanted to share it with you guys right away.
  6. Explosion Box: Ok, tell me, how many of you did not know about this? 😀 It’s basically a box that you make (or get made) which is tied with a ribbon. It’s made in a way that when you untie the ribbon, it opens up like a flower blooming or like an explosion happening and goodies are revealed from inside the box. Here’s a blog post for your reference. Now the downside with this is that it requires a lot of effort if you decide to make it yourself, there are also professionals who make this. Also, I would like to add that if you are planning to gift this, consider the personality of the person. Most of the explosion boxes that I have come across are very frilly and elaborate, many people are not into that, mostly guys, if you are getting this for a guy, consider going easy on frills and fancy stuff and fill the box up with things important to him.
  7. Sweet gestures: I am leaving out the obvious yet thoughtful gifts like the book someone wants to read, handmade greeting cards etc because everyone knows their importance anyway but I did not want to leave out on sweet gestures. For example, preparing an elaborate meal for someone. For example, my blogger friend Shruti Di’s husband surprised her with a donut name. For example, getting gifted with a completely surprise party. For example, preparing a Rangoli with flowers for someone who’s into Rangoli and flowers both in the night so that they wake up to that. I think there are many such little things out there that will totally make someone’s day.

I consider myself lucky to have gifted or have been gifted most of these except point 5 and 6, and since I really like thinking about innovative ideas for gifting, I am definitely going to come up with some more, either myself or from amazing posts that I come across. Tell me about yours. 🙂