Monday Mumbles 1: What is that one thing………..


First of all, thank you all for supporting my new ideas. It really helped to get started. I was overwhelmed by Upen’s enthusiasm and Shruti’s ideas of name suggestions for the new series. We have finally settled on the name ‘Monday Mumbles’ and the first post is finally up.

If you are interested in knowing what I am talking about, go here.

In the first post of Monday Mumbles, I am asking you all a question. If any of you want to share/ask something for next Monday, please mention in comments or send me an email to 

And, here’s the question:

What is that one thing that you wish you could change about your personality?

My answer:

Well, my answer is going to be slightly long, it’s a simple thing that I wish was different but I am going to explain it a bit. I wish I was more sound with the course that I studied in graduation. I am a Computer Science Engineer but I am not at all good at coding/programming. I am so glad that I changed my industry when I started working (but I don’t get to do good work) but deep down under it will always prick me that I was never good at programming and I wish I could work in that field for sometime, you know, because it would have justified studying it and, well, it just feels smarter. Moreover, my college is very different from other engineering colleges in India. My institute is quite focused on research and programming is taken very seriously apart from as a course content, so for students good at that, that place is truly heaven. It felt bad to not be one of them. You know it’s not necessary to be the best everywhere but I wish was better than myself. 

Edit: I might become an average coder if I work towards it but, seriously, it’s hard for me to even try being that.

On a side note, if you know someone who is really passionate about coding and Computer Science and planning to do B.Tech and is not scared of pressure, definitely let them know about IIIT, Delhi. 

Pheww! I am done. Now I am waiting for what you guys have to say. 🙂

39 thoughts on “Monday Mumbles 1: What is that one thing………..

  1. There are so many things that I would like to change about myself. But, most of all, I would like to be more passionate about my work (or more dedicated). I leave things in the middle or get bored of them quite easily. This is the reason why I have missed some great opportunities. People say that the first step is always the hardest, but for me it is the last step. To be there till the end and complete the task at hand is what I would like to accomplish.

    • Oh my God lucky! You have put it perfectly ❤ For you, the most difficult step actually is the last one, I have seen you. Work on it seriously, like, NOW. 😀 and you write so well. :') kuch talent chod de mere lie, please _/\_

  2. I would like to change a few things. My anger issues, my insecure and resentful nature. I have tried so much and come so far yet I can’t find a solution to those. Also, my indecisive nature is drivin me up the wall! I am ALWAYS CONFUSED. At any given moment I have some confusion in my head and nails between my teeth.

  3. See, I replied now and its Tuesday !! I never want this to happen in my life. I wanna be ‘punctual’. I want my day to move as I plan, that’s it. !

    • Well, even I wish I was more punctual and less distracted but in this case I have done the post quite late on Monday, so it’s only fair that you check it on Tuesday. 🙂

  4. Hii Srishty, that was so sweet of you to mention me😀. I am so happy. There are so many things I would like to change about me you know. Firstly, I am never serious in life and never ever think of my future. It is really bad because there is nothing that I really really want and because there is nothing to strive for I am always the same. Excluding few people in my life I am emotionally detached too. And with those I am attached I cross the limit of sanity. I am very impulsive and trust people very easily. And the last thing that I want to change would be the fact that I never use my full potential, I have had my professors, my parents,sis and husband 😦 asking me to use my potential which I never use at the right time and later it becomes my biggest regrets. So yes, these are dome thigs I would love to change about myself unfortunately I don’t think I will ever change!

    • Hmmm,but tell me one thing, do you really wish you weren’t impulsive? I understand that being impulsive creates a lot of difficulties but still it is not so bad a thing. You just need to control your impulses for the negative things. Yeah, not having a passion can get frustrating. :/ But then, I guess you enjoy lot of things. So really LIVE them up to the fullest. 🙂

      • Being impulsive isn’t all that great, most of the times you end up making wrong choices. And yes I do enjoy lot of small things in life but no big ones you know. Hmm.. I guess somethings will never change.

        • I wish you all the best, to change what can be changed but also to be happier :* I am sure you will be able to cherish bigger things as well, I am too having such negative feelings right now, I wish I too work towards staying happier 🙂

  5. @ shruti:
    change for an hour
    Change for a day
    Change for a week
    Change for a year
    Change for a life.
    Change is inevitable.
    Life has a slope
    Just hold the rope called hope
    To change
    Trust me! You will change:))


  6. Wow Srish!!! You’ve been busy amping up the blog. I really need to catch up on a lot but while I take a break from lipids and carbohydrates I thought i would quickly comment here.
    I wish I was bolder and braver. I never told anyone about my blog for a few years. That was the case with both blogs. (I know you’ve read the other one as well). It leaves me to wonder whether it would have made a difference to the growth of my blog if I had been more courageous in telling people about it. Sometimes, many times, my decisions are hampered by fear. So yes, I wish I was a bit bolder and braver.

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  8. Geez! If only I didn[‘t get distracted so easily! I do so many things at a time and then I want everything to be perfect and before you know it I’m a mess! No time for myself…! Also, I wish I was a bit ambitious! I suck at it.

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