6 (of the million) reasons why I miss college already

I joined my first job yesterday. If you read this post, kindly tell me honestly if you were excited about your day 1 at your first job (because I was in that phase where you tell yourself ” I wish I had had more fun in college and I wish I had more free days between college-ending & my joining date”). Come on, I hardly had a month.


Anyway, to cut the long story short, here is my list why I miss college (or why people generally miss college):

1. If you don’t want to attend a class, you don’t attend it or sleep through it or come late according to your own convenience but we all know how that works in an office. 🙂

2. You fear a lot of things in college but when you are in a job, it is then when you realize how free you actually were in college. No responsibilities!

3. No matter how many food joints you have at your floor, there is no joy equivalent to running to the cheapest outlet around college for inexpensive food with your buddies. 🙂

4. You always have to maintain decorum at office. ( You learnt how to kill it and bury it in college, right? :P)

5. Ok, this might not be true for all of us because for one, not all get a chance to work in the same city in which their college is. This is true for me though and when my cab crosses half of Delhi, I feel nostalgic at every freaking place because I have been there with my friends. The most random of places bring back huge memories.

6. In office, you are responsible for everything that you do. You are in a college too. But back then, you couldn’t care less. 🙂

PS: My office is lovely and the building is so magnificent that I can’t put it in words how huge it is. Someone told me that it is equivalent to three football grounds. 🙂

PPS: I just realized that I have only two personal photos on my blog till date and I am wearing the same t-shirt in both. Oh, and lucky is wearing the same shirt as well in both the photos.