Need follow-up advice! | Monday Mumbles

Hello guys!

I wrote this post asking for advice on product opinions kind of posts & the few answers I got really helped me plan out some new content. Not sure if anyone loves reading this posts as much, but I, for sure, enjoy favorites kind of content and I would have loved writing it myself too. I wrote out some quick drafts as well, you know! But now there’s a problem.

Amazon closed my Affiliates account as soon as I was planning to make one of the posts live. 😀 Now I know that Amazon does this if no sale has been made via your account within a certain timeline, but that timeline was not over for me yet. Also, the reason cited for closing my account was “content not being original”. This was not only frustrating but also surprising. I am not sure what part of my content their algorithm picked as not being original. I was all the more concerned as this is the worst form of reason I would want my blog to be associated with. The only post I could think of was about a blog which has now closed and I posted their pinterest screenshot citing complete references. I obviously appealed against this decision but it also turns out that Amazon is stupid enough to directly close accounts like this and even if your appeal is successful, all you can do is create a new account. :/ I would hate to create a new account on Amazon Affiliate again, to be honest. Even though I would think its fairly convenient to use.

Now my question – are you aware of any such simple to use affiliate programs? Preferably free, since I am not using this blog to generate any income yet, but more importantly, a program that helps me link up relevant products across marketplaces, surely Indian marketplaces. I came across this one called ‘Clickbank’ which is supposed to be one of the best out there, but what I understood is that you can only link up products available on their marketplace like Yoga classes or what not. 😀

Looking forward to get some helpful suggestions yet again! 🙂 Thank you so much!

Need a petty suggestion! | Monday Mumbles

This is probably my most impulsive post ever. I was reading some new posts in my feed when a thought caught me and I wanted a suggestion from readers of my space. Incidentally its also Monday. So, its a Monday Mumbles post in its truest sense. 😀

If you don’t know what this Monday Mumbles series of mine is, you can read old posts here and this post on what it is.

So, here’s the thing – I love reading all these low-buy skincare posts and, in general, product empties kind of posts. I realized I would love to do these myself, but the thing is I am not a product hoarder, so I don’t have a lot to show when it comes to empties or low-buy. I am anyway on low-buy. 😀 I am definitely considering doing an annual empties post but that also means keeping bottles etc with me till the end of the year. That thought isn’t too exciting. I wanted your suggestions on how I can incorporate these fun product opinions kind of posts in my blog and, actually, what you as a reader, would also enjoy? To seed your thoughts –

  1. Would you like reading single product reviews of something I am using? If that seems interesting, I can even considering food products, something I actually use a lot of. 😀
  2. Maybe a monthly favorites? This seems really interesting, but, of course, requires effort and keeping an eye out for what you are enjoying.
  3. Time to time just reviewing my stash of things – lipsticks, books, coffee – the likes?

Do leave in your comments, even if it means you saying I don’t care or enjoy any of these kind of posts. 🙂

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Thought I don’t want to miss out today

Why do extrovert or over enthusiastic people in a group never consider that maybe it’s not something to do with the
other person which doesn’t let them open up but something about them only that maybe repelling to the concerned person?

I am not an introvert at all, ambivert I guess, but wanted to put down this observation. I genuinely want to know when people are over enthusiastic in a group, are they seriously that excited or it’s just herd mentality? Or how you say – fitting in? My opinion – I do think people even at my age do a lot of things just to fit in (I am including myself in this judgement, but I also know where to draw the line, I will not do something just to fit in which I absolutely don’t relate to, even if it’s something I don’t find particularly offensive.

Do share your thoughts.

21 | All set, done & ready for the next steps

So, I shared a post on day 17 . Things went very well overall, but the stuff for which I was expecting apprehensions also happened in a magnitude bigger than my expectations. Amidst that, I didn’t get a chance to feel happy for the new beginnings. Now all the things have settled on a happy note and slowly the feeling of happiness is setting in.

It is finally happening, it’s all good from here. Here’s to love, luck and happiness for all of us!

I’ll definitely try to write about all this in more detail some time. By the way, I had already wrote a post for day 18 because I knew I am going to be busy. Forgot to press the publish button (or schedule the post).🙄

7 | Friends – Monday Mumbles

Monday Mumbles

Thought I’ll just share some tidbits around one of my favorite TV shows – Friends – with you all!

1. Favorite character – Chandler. I have read on many posts that people didn’t like him when the love story began but I started liking him even more, I actually think he grew on me towards that time only. I totally loved how he was portrayed as a vulnerable person in the beginning but he is always the one who does or says the right thing in complex situations, he is the one who eases everything while Monica is always hyper.

2. Monica & Chandler – best couple ever! ❤

3. I am a lot like Monica, never noticed it until someone pointed it out. And after that, there’s no going back. I can related to so many of her traits and its kind of sad because I hate those traits. 😦

4. I don’t like Rachel’s character. I love her fashion sense and Jennifer Aniston is hot anyway but the character I don’t like. It’s way too selfish for its own good.

5. I am just watching the second season right now (this post was sitting in my drafts since years so I don’t know when exactly ‘right now’ was :)) and don’t we all just love Richard? I didn’t like him and Monica as a couple because, honestly, the age difference did affect me but, overall, he was just adorable, like, almost perfection. Too bad that Chandler had to fill in his shoes, but then, if he was almost perfection, Chandler was beyond perfection for me. 🙂