Life Instagram-ed #11 | Philippines Edition

Despite the long weekend, I was away from posting. That’s because a colleague took my laptop charger mistakenly and he is on leave till tomorrow. Yes, plans to kill him are in the making. Anyway, here is the last post of my Philippines trip, you can check out the first post (which was in parts) here and here. The second post can be checked out here.

The last post is basically the Instagram diary of my trip, hope you enjoy it. πŸ™‚


1. This is on Suwarnbhumi Airport, Bangkok from where I had my connecting flight. Ok, judge me all you want but I clicked this because I realized I haven’t taken a photograph since the beginning of my journey. But I was super tired at the airport (as I had watched back to back movies in the previous flight and did not sleep at all). Therefore, I clicked this because I did not have to move an inch from where I was sitting for this! πŸ˜› I can’t believe how kick-ass this picture has come! πŸ˜€


2. Hotel’s mini bar. These caramel pop corns were delicious but one could easily tell that the salt and sugar content was so high.


3. Tomato soup. This was my dinner the day I did not go out. I told the room service to give me extra bread crumbs. I don’t know what they would have given me if I hadn’t said that. :/


4. Easy guys, the waffles were not as good as they look. πŸ™‚ But this drink that you see, the papaya smoothie, was beyond wonderful. I loved it so much that on most days, I had this instead of trying out different drinks. So much so that the guy on the papaya smoothie counter of the cafe started recognising me and made small talk with me a day asking me things like when am I going back to India. It was sweet. I wanted to be served by him on my last day but it did not happen somehow. :/


5. This was the vegetarian pasta at Seattle’s Best Coffee in Greenbelt 3. It was fine but the best thing about it was that this was entirely vegetarian. Even the bread did not have eggs. That’s hard to find in my opinion in a country where the staple is not vegetarian. By the way, this picture reminds me of that incident of being followed by three guys, I was having this when the whole incident started.


6. This is in Charles & Keith in Greenbelt 5. πŸ˜€ They were having a contest where if you share a picture of their store on Instagram, you get 10% off. I was here to buy my mom a wallet. I think this was the only thing formerly decided about my trip. πŸ˜›


7. Oh, I liked this quite a lot. This was tofu in Soya garlic sauce and I ordered rice on the side. Although it’s weird as both the things are dry (I did not know that this dish would have negligible gravy), I quite enjoyed having this meal. This was in the restaurant ‘Recipes’ in Greenbelt 3.


8. This was from Burger King in Glorietta Mall. I asked them if they have anything vegetarian and they told me that they would remove the chicken patty from the chicken burger but what I understood was that they would remove the chicken patty and put in a veggie patty. πŸ˜› It was only when I opened my take-away back in the hotel room that I realized what has happened. πŸ˜›


9. Spring rolls in Lorenzo’s Way in Greenbelt 5. This is from the goodbye dinner that I had with my client people. These spring rolls were not very good by the way.


10. This is from the same dinner. This mango-guya (a local fruit) drink was super yummy. By the way, my client people were so thoughtful that they asked the waiter to bring the shrimps separately from the rice so that I could also taste the rice. This rice was yummy by the way.


11. Again, from the goodbye dinner. πŸ™‚


12. The awesome shoes that I bought from SM Market. They were for PHP 300 (INR 390). Yay!! πŸ˜€

This was all from my side from the Philippines trip. I can do a haul post too but so far, I haven’t planned to do it (simply because it’s a hassle to click everything now :P), let me know if you really want me to do it. πŸ™‚

16 thoughts on “Life Instagram-ed #11 | Philippines Edition

  1. The people there are so thoughtful. They actually obliged to remove the chicken patty and the shrimps! πŸ™‚

    But what’s with those shoes? πŸ˜›

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