Nobody Can Love You More by Mayank Austen Soofi

Yeah, I know, the cover page is so beautiful. I actually used to stare at it quite a lot of times.

Yeah, I know, the cover page is so beautiful. I actually used to stare at it quite a lot of times.

The moment I came across this book, I knew it would be my favorite of 2014. I came across it during random internet surfing, don’t remember exactly how. I am a big fan of Mayank Austen Soofi, so I totally expected this book to be awesome. For those who don’t know, he was a columnist for Hindustan Times for their column in the Delhi supplement  – ‘The Delhiwala’. It was one heck of an awesome column. He also has a blog by the same name and he has written some four guide books about Delhi. This book is about the red light district of Delhi – GB Road.

I loved this book. I don’t know how to put it, I loved it so damned much. I was so sad that it is such a small book. Trust me, no matter how much I like a book, I never feel sad when it ends because I am a slow reader. I like it when I finish a book. The best part about it was that he (the author) really became a part of the household of the people living there. Since it is non-fiction, one may expect that their would be some message at the end or some pitiful paragraphs about the women of red light area. This book was such a breath of fresh air with no judgement being passed on them or no pity being shown towards them. It is based on real life, which made it all the more interesting. The book draws you towards it because it is so real and touching, the author getting stuck between his two worlds – urban rich of where he lives and the house no. 300 that he visits in GB Road-is so honestly depicted. I love how detailed every aspect of the lives of the women is. It is definitely a must read in my opinion.

As for my favorite book, well yes, this is a favorite but whether it’s my one favorite book of the year or one of the favorites, only year end would tell.


PS: I searched Mayank Austen Soofi on Twitter and complimented him for this beautiful book, he replied to me as well (:D) but he has probably blocked me now, I am not sure. I don’t know if I acted creepy or what. :/ (I know you all find it funny, oh well, laugh at my expense people! :/)

PPS: This is the 14th book that I read as part of the Brunch Book Challenge and as I said, I’ll be logging my opinion about every book that I read as part of this challenge. In case you want to participate in this challenge too, read up about it here.

17 thoughts on “Nobody Can Love You More by Mayank Austen Soofi

  1. I have gone through this book too… His writing style is so real and very less dramatic..
    Being someone from delhi too, My ears prick up when i hear the word Dillliwala , every news report that has something to do with people and culture of Delhi attracts me. I sense your love for Delhi too as you mention the word Dilliwala again and again; food and culture of Old delhi is unmatced.

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  3. Mayank is a huge fan of Arundhati Roy and when I gave my attempt to read ‘God of Small Things’ a couple of years back, not only I failed but also almost died of boredom. So I was skeptical of my liking this book, for Mayank being her fan.

    But I found the book to be a literary beauty and one of the best non-fictions I have read lately, by an Indian author.

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