12 Reasons why I AM NOT protesting the Molestation Incident at JU

If you have ever believed that you should stand up for things you believe in, read this post. Now.

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My good friend Srishti, who is one spunky young lady, recently told me about an alleged molestation incident which took place at the prestigious Jadavpur University here in Kolkata. The incident allegedly took place last month-end, and it snowballed when the University VC instead of ensuring a free and fair investigation, asked the alleged victim to lie low and not attend college for couple of weeks!

Srishti and her many equally courageous friends have been protesting the incident and the subsequent apathy of the college authorities, not with much success sadly till now!

Anyways, Srishti mentioned that everyone should do their bit to highlight the issue. Of course, I flatly refused! There was no reason why I should involve myself with such PETTY issues!

She asked – Can you give me ONE good reason, why you won’t????

I pondered over it, and responded- Well, I will give you not…

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