Interpreter of Maladies: Book Opinion

Hi guys 🙂

It has been so long since I did a book opinion post. I have read 3 4 books since my last post here but somehow never got around to post about them. Laziness. What else can I say? 🙂

Coming back, this is the 5th book that I read as part of the Brunch Book Challenge and as I said, I’ll be logging my opinion about every book that I read as part of this challenge. In case you want to participate in this challenge too, read up about it here.


I am sure absolutely no one thought about this, but if any of you actually do wonder, where’s the 4th book that I read for the challenge, then the answer is that I haven’t managed to complete it, left it mid-way because it is non-fiction which is so difficult for me to complete :P. Yes, I am done with my 7th 8th one but not with this 4th one :P. I will surely get back to completing it soon.

Anyway, Interpreter of Maladies by Jhumpa Lahiri is an award winning book by the writer (and her debut book too). I only knew about the Pulitzer Prize that it won in 2000 but a glance at the book’s wiki page tells me that it has won many other awards. As you may have noticed, these book opinions that I write have the adjectives that I want to give to the book, like good read, amazing read, not fun and things like that. Then, I continue to elaborate on my opinion. That is precisely why these are book ‘opinions’ and not ‘summaries’ or ‘reviews’. Basically, I don’t want to give even a little bit of the plot away. I hate it when I get to know a book’s plot before I read it and I assume same goes for everyone else too. Who wants spoilers, right? I understand that some people like to know a little bit about a book before they start reading it, but I don’t and therefore, I would stick with this method as of now. After much diverting from the topic :D, here’s what I thought of Interpreter of Maladies:

It is a good enough book. It is a short stories collection, I liked the basic stories a lot but not so much the way they progressed. They progressed pretty slow and I could bear with it easily because I liked them otherwise for their Indian-ness and for the emotional events happening in each of them. However, I am sure that many people would find it too slow for their liking. Sometimes, the attention to detail gets a bit too much.Also, personally, I like it a lot more if a story has a clear-cut ending instead of leaving it to reader’s imagination and common sense. If you are anything like me, you will be sad that not many stories have clear cut endings.


In the end, I just want to say that this is not a marvelous book but a good, emotional read for Indians, especially if they are settled out of India.

Take care & keep smiling 🙂

12 thoughts on “Interpreter of Maladies: Book Opinion

    • Yeah, I don’t like that that much. What about you though, Krupa? Do you like such endings?

      I am still going to read the rest of the Jhumpa Lahiri’s books because of the Indianism. However, I have not heard very good things about those books.

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