4 fabulous white sauce pasta places in Delhi


I cannot say whether I am a pasta lover, because it’s definitely not one of my favorite things to eat. However, I like it quite a lot and most times when I am eating out, I can be found gorging on white sauce pasta. I love white sauce over red. I think that’s the case with most people? If you too are one of them, you need to check out these 4 places in Delhi. Hey, pasta lover or not, a blog post about food never hurt anyone. 🙂

Let’s begin, shall we?

1. Rodeo, Connaught Place


Who orders a white sauce pasta in a Mexican restaurant? We do and we are glad we did. This is one of the best pastas I have ever tried. So, so yummy. I generally think that the Italian fair we all eat (pastas, pizzas, ravioli etc) is less salty for my tastes but this one was perfection. Not completely Indian-ized but not bland either. This is a must try. A word of caution: don’t try if you can’t handle overload of cheese. (I know you want to ;)).


2. Uber Cafe, GK 2

I have forgotten the pasta’s taste now since I tried it a long time ago 😀 but I clearly remember going crazy. It was very creamy, that’s what I remember. This place has great food otherwise too, I mean apart from the pasta. I am definitely going here again soon!

3. Pizza Hut

Yes, I said it. I know you are thinking that I probably haven’t tried enough places. Well, I haven’t because there’s really a lot to try in Delhi and I don’t go out all that much. Still, I have tried my fair share of things and let me just say that I love Pizza Hut’s creamy mushroom pasta more than a lot of cults. Yes, I do.

4. Cha Bar, Oxford Bookstore, Connaught Place


Okay, I am cheating a bit. I have heard good things about their white sauce pasta but it is never available whenever I am there. Hmph. I specially went one day so that I can eat it and complete this post afterwards (look at the dedication, you guys! ) but no, it wasn’t available. I ate the red sauce pasta instead which I did not like. Why is this place in the post then? 3 reasons: 1) The title ‘4 fabulous’ sounds better than ‘3 fabulous’, 2) I have a picture of the red sauce pasta that I ate, so I can use it in this post, 3) I am hopeful that the white sauce pasta will be good.

Lastly, I want to mention that if it crossed your mind why I haven’t mentioned Big Chill in this post, then that’s because I love Big Chill but their pastas are not salty enough for my taste, so its pasta comes after these 4 in my list. 🙂

Happy eating!

More importantly, happy exploring! 🙂

Easy White Sauce Pasta Recipe!


I read a recipe of white sauce pasta on Diary of a Cusp, (which by the way is a very good blog if you are looking for recipes 🙂 ) and instantly remembered that we also made something similar once at home. So, we decided to give that a go again and the result was yummy. 😀 Oh, did I mention that Diary of a Cusp just awarded me with a Liebster? Well, now you know. 😀 I am loving the support. 🙂

Coming back to the recipe, this is special because we did not have a lot of ingredients, that I consider important for this like cheese and garlic, at home at that time and it still tasted delicious. Read on to know further:


  • Pasta of any shape (Around 100 – 150 grams)
  • Milk (One-fourth of a cup probably :P)
  • Cream
  • All Purpose Flour/Maida (Around two tablespoons)
  • Oil
  • Salt & Black Pepper
  • Garlic
  • Vegetables of your choice (We used onions and capsicum, but adding any or all of mushrooms, beans and carrots would be a good idea).

Let’s start now, shall we?

  1. Boil the pasta as per the instructions given on the back of the packet. Mostly, you have to put the pasta with thrice the water in a wide-mouthed vessel and bring it to a boil. Keep the vessel on the flame till you are sure that the pasta is properly cooked . Once done, shift it to a sieve so that the water drains out and put just a tiny bit of oil in the pasta so that it doesn’t get sticky.
  2. Heat oil in a pan, add a little bit of oregano and chilli flakes and toss the vegetables and cook till they are well-cooked. 😛 (Really now, nobody would make fun of my recipe explaining skills. Do you want the recipe or not?) Add a little bit of salt and pepper and toss the veggies. You can always add more salt, pepper at a later stage.
  3. Add pasta to the veggies and toss again.
  4. In a separate pan, add little bit of oil and put two-three small pieces of garlic for flavour. When it starts giving aroma, add around two big spoons of all-purpose flour and toss till it looks kind of cooked and cream-ish. Add milk slowly and keep stirring so that there are no knots formed. You can do this step with either one-fourth cup of milk or one-fourth cup of cream or using both equally, i.e. one-eighth of each. 😛 In that case, first add milk, then cream slowly. Once it starts cooking, add salt and pepper to taste. (Update: Princess Butter suggested in the comments that she doesn’t use all-purpose flour at all. I tried doing that and yes, it tastes the same. You can totally skip adding all-purpose flour and go straight to adding milk. Adding all-purpose flour just makes the sauce get cooked and become creamier faster).
  5. Once the sauce is almost completely cooked, add the sauce to the veggies + pasta mixture and cook a little bit more till everything is mixed properly. Once this is done, you can add some herbs like Oregano and chilli flakes. 🙂
  6. Go, hog now. 😀

Now coming to the more important things about this recipe: 

  1. This is NOT the proper way of making a white sauce pasta and there are many recipes available for that. This is a simple way around (Jugaad 😛 ) and does the job of being tasty, so.. 🙂
  2. I couldn’t believe that it tasted good enough without adding cheese, considering how unhealthy processed cheese is (at least the ones available in India) and considering how much I love them, I am glad that it worked without them. 🙂 If you wish to add cheese, just put some after performing point 5, that is, once you have added the white sauce to and tossed everything together, add grated Mozzarella cheese to the mixture and toss and cook a bit again.
  3. I know this is probably the worst way of sharing a recipe, but I really wanted to share the recipe because it is simple and tasty. Maybe, it sounds complicated but ask me in the comments section if anything is unclear. It really isn’t complicated. 🙂

That’s it! Thanks for reading.  I hope you like it. 😀