5 practical work outfits | Philippines Edition

It’s been so long since I did these work wear posts. I am kind of embarrassed about outfit posts honestly, but I like sharing my work wear despite. So, I still continue with doing these. I understand many of the audience here are guys, I am sorry, feel free to skip this post. 🙂 (I know that Know-All WILL comment on this post no matter what. 😛 )

So, here’s what I wore for my five work days in Philippines:

[Day 1] I wore a black blazer-trousers combo with a lemon formal shirt. Basically, I could have said that I wore a pant suit but, here in India, somehow we don’t use that term a lot. I did not click a picture of my clothes that day. Sorry for that. 🙂

Black Blazer: Van Heusen, Black Trousers: Promod, Lemon Shirt: Bombay High 


[Day 2] Blue Shirt: Van Heusen, Dark Blue Pants: Van Heusen, Tan Shoes: The Landmark, Makati, Philippines, Watch: Fastrack


[Day 3] Black Blazer: Van Heusen (Wore the same one as on day 1), White Top: Pantaloons, Peach Pencil Skirt: Dorothy Perkins (from Jabong), White Flat Shoes: Local Store, Rajouri Garden, Delhi



[Day 4] Red-Blue Dress: Van Heusen, Black Blazer: Same as above, Tan Shoes: Same as day 2


[Day 5] So I had decided while packing for Philippines that I’ll wear Indian formal to work one day. Although, I was apprehensive that they might not consider it formal since they don’t know what it is. Still, I really wanted to wear it and I did. I got lots of compliments that day. In fact, the security guard lady loved the outfit so much that I gave her the dupatta (stole) as a present while coming back. She was very happy. 🙂

Ok, I am cheating a bit. The picture below is not of day 5 because I forgot to click one. It is actually a picture I clicked in my office (here in India) long ago but I wore the same outfit on day 5. Only, the kurta (tunic) was not this pink one but a white one with stripes.

Black Dupatta: Street Shopping, Black Churidaars (Pants that I am wearing): Street Shopping, Pink Kurta: Aurelia (The white one that I actually wore was from Westside)



Now coming to my favorite part, my tips for formal work wear (and travel packing too 😀 ):

1. There’s a slight bias with me. I quite love formal work wear, both Indian and western. So, I am always excited to style it. Most people I know hate work wear. If that’s the case with you, I really can’t help much except that I hope this post makes you like it. 🙂 Also, I think people really hate it because they don’t feel like they have a lot of choices. Let me tell you that is not the case. Just keep an open eye and you can find work wear at quite a lot of places. (Some day I’ll do a full-fledged post on how to find work wear easily, do you like this idea?).

2. I know this post makes it look like I am endorsing Van Heusen. 😀 No, that is not the case. I like them and they have good clothes but the fact that I am mostly wearing their clothes in this post is a coincidence. Coming to Van Heusen as a work wear clothing brand, the good thing is that they have a good variety and very nice quality clothes. The bad thing is that it is one of the very few formal wear brands available in India for women and hence the clothes are so common that you can always spot people wearing the same clothes. #truestory :/ (I am not going to count the point that they are pricey since I feel that all of these retail brands are overpriced as they charge us so much more than their manufacturing cost, so no point writing same thing repeatedly for all brands).

3. A good brand for Indian clothes that you can wear to work is Aurelia. Their kurtas (tunics) are very good quality and not shady overpriced. You can find their stuff on many online shopping websites.

4. As some of you would know, Dorothy Perkins recently started selling in India through the e-commerce website Jabong. Design and variety wise, they have a very nice collection. But I think the price is just not justified at all for the quality. Also, the clothes on the website look slightly different from reality. One reason for them being pricey is the currency difference too. Whatever be the reason, I would advice to buy them only during huge Jabong sales. 🙂

5. A very good brand to find trousers is Promod. I have praised them here too. They don’t have a lot of variety but they have clothes with perfect fit (at least for me).

6. You can also find Indian formal wear at Westside and sometimes, even Western work wear too. Oh, and, they have a large variety of shoes. They have a good collection but the quality is usually poor, so I only buy them during sales. Paying a lot for bad quality things is just not done. 🙂

7. Other brands that I have tried for work wear and liked include Bombay High and Cantabil. I have not tried anything from Allen Solly and Wills Lifestyle but I have always felt that they have good quality and nice variety (and pricey! 😛 ).

8. Last but the most important, if you think you can find work wear only in big retail giants, then you are wrong. I and my sisters have bought very nice formal dresses and blouses while street shopping. I have done work wear posts before and if you check them out, you can see that I have a lot of clothes and shoes from local stores (you can check those posts under the personal style section).

9. Whenever you are on a business trip, ALWAYS carry at least one blazer. You have to make space for it in your luggage. It’s very easy to transform any outfit to a formal one with a blazer. 🙂

10. When you are on a business trip and trying to save space in your luggage, don’t carry a lot of shoes. Some basic ones can work with almost all the outfits and if they are good ones, you don’t have to worry about wearing the same ones day after day. Relax, everyone in the office knows that you are on a trip. 🙂

That’s it, guys. Thanks for reading, really. 🙂

6 practical work outfits!

Oh I wanted to do this since such a long time! I have been clicking (crappy) pictures for it since forever! 😀 I love doing outfit posts, but never do it due to these reasons: 1. Crappy pictures, 2. extremely crappy pictures, 3. I don’t want people to leave my blog due to crappy pictures. I’ll try to improve next time. :/

Anyway, like I mentioned before here,I have taken the idea of posting outfits of multiple days as a combined post from Mehak from Peaches § Blush. I loved this idea! Its practical, fun and is more usable for outfit ideas and for judging the pattern of your own outfits (or of the person whose outfit post you are going through :D). 

So, here you go:

And remember, feedback, both negative and positive is more than welcome. 🙂


  • Kurta: Street shopping in Bapu Bazaar, Jaipur
  • White churidaars: Local Shop
  • White cotton dupatta: Mom’s

Here’s a better look at the kurta (whom am I kidding, I am posting it because this picture is better than the rest :P)


DSC_8851 DSC_8852

  • Blue Top: Export Surplus Shop in Jaipur (I love when we find such treasures while street shopping. Otherwise it sucks to wear the same Van Heusen shirt to office as 10 other people :/)
  • Trousers: Cantabil
  • Shoes: Local Store, Rajouri Garden, Delhi (I love the shoes!!)
  • Watch: Fastrack


  • Pink Kurta: Aurelia
  • White Churidaars: Local Market
  • Jute Jacket: Street Shopping in Paharganj (Read more about it here)
  • Grey flats: Street Shopping, Connaught Place (not very comfortable, but they were for 250 INR!! :D)


  • Grey Blazer: Chemistry
  • Striped Top: Local Market
  • Black Pants: Promod
  • White Lace Ballerinas: Westside


  • Blue Shirt: Max (This is at least 5 years old :))
  • Cream Pants: Westside
  • Black Thin Belt: Came free with a pair of trousers from Promod 😀


  • Top: Chemistry
  • Trousers: Cantabil

Hope you liked it!

Take care & keep smiling 🙂


Blue Bows: Street Style #5

Hello everyone 🙂

I am pretty caught up with work, exams and what not! I do waste a lot of time nonetheless :D, but cannot write a post if I am not in the right mood to do it. You know what I mean, right? So, here I am, writing a short (and hopefully nice) post till the time I come up with other posts that I have planned but are comparatively time taking. 🙂

I spotted this girl in the metro wearing this beautiful, satiny blue bow on her hair, she looked really cute with that thing on. I am not a big bows fan, I mean I am pretty neutral about them, I don’t hate them but I don’t love them a lot either. These, however, I found pretty cool.




I am sure a lot of girls like bows in their hair. Maybe you can take a cue from her hairstyle. 🙂 Isn’t her hairstyle easy and fun at the same time? What do you think?

Take care & keep smiling,

Srish 🙂

Floral Saree: Street Style #3

This street style is so close to my heart, as I loved this saree completely. And there’s a funny story about how I clicked this lady on the streets 😀 (the story will tell you why there’s a single shot and that too kind of a weird one). 😀 Please don’t kill me for the long story! 😛

I saw her in Bangalore, walking towards her jeep with her friend, while I was checking out of the hotel I was staying in, with my friend, on our business trip there (maybe more on that later sometime!). We were already getting late for catching a flight back to Delhi. Amid all the rush, rush, I notice her on the road and I tell my friend, “please! please! I have to click her for the blog!” So, I walk up to her (actually, run) and tell her at one go, “Hey! Your sari is really pretty and I love the way you are dressed, I write about people whose dressing sense I like on my blog, can I have a picture for that?” She was surprised and she and her frient started laughing. In my head, I was like,” Dude! just say yes or no, fast!!” Haha! So, she said yes, and here you go 😀 :


Isn’t it such a lovely sari? I loved the fact that she paired it up with this white plain blouse. She was tall and the sari suited her quite well. I wish I had clicked her standing, but she was ready to run in her jeep, so were we! 😛 There’s a pretty necklace as well, I don’t know if you can see that. Hope you loved it as much as I did.

Take care 🙂

Outfits of the week(s)

I am so proud of myself that I am finally writing on a weekday after so long. (That did not happen. I never got around to posting the pictures, even though I enthusiastically did this post in my office cab on my way back home). 😛

First of all, I have taken the idea of posting outfits of multiple days as a combined post from Mehak from Peaches § Blush. I loved this idea! Its practical, fun and is more usable for outfit ideas and for judging the pattern of your own outfits (or of the person whose outfit post you are going through :D). The only gripe is that I considered doing this long ago and religiously clicked pictures every morning but never got around to posting it. So, now I am going to bombard this post with outfit pictures from multiple weeks!

Yes,blabbering is over. But before I put the pictures, here are my observations about my outfits:

1. I have only regular shirts to go with trousers/skirts (and that’s why you may get bored with the pictures after a while). I should have blouses too – chinese collar,satiny ones etc. You get the drift!

2. I need pants of different styles like boot-cut ones. And yes, I do not have any grey-colored pants (they are awesome, right?)

3. I clearly need more shoes.

That’s it. I am finally done with the talking. Feel free to judge me, feedback is welcome. And yes, I hope that in my next multiple outfits post, I wear formals more creatively (but most observations of mine require buying, which is not happening for a while. I am broke right now 😛 😀 ).

Please excuse the picture quality in some photos. 😦


  • Dark Purple Striped Shirt: Bombay High (It had three-fourth sleeves till elbows but they were uncomfortable, I got the sleeves cut by the tailor).
  • Beige High-Waisted Trousers: Westside
  • Belt: Random Store
  • Beige Sandals: Westside (These are A.W.E.S.O.M.E).
  • White Full Sleeves Shirt: Cantabil
  • Grey Skirt: Bombay High
  • Black Bellies: Local Shoe Store, Rajouri Garden, Delhi


  • Mint Paisley Print Kurta: W
  • Black Leggings: Local Store
  • Pink Satiny Shirt: Pantaloons (A brand called Annabelle, it had lot of good formal shirts)
  • Black Trousers: Promod

DSC_0315 DSC_0318

This is outfit of the same day. In the first picture, I am just not wearing the blazer.

  • Cobalt Blue Top: Chemistry (gifted :D)
  • Grey Blazer: Chemistry (gifted :D)


  • Blue Full Sleeves Shirt: MAX (This shirt is some 4-5 years old :P)
  • The purple shirt is the same as the first picture. 🙂

IMG_20130902_212511 IMG-20130909-WA0000

  • Dark Grey Pants (which do not look grey at all in the picture! 😦 ): Cantabil
  • Black Shoes (yes, it is a different pair from the ones above :P): Local Store, Rajouri Garden, Delhi
  • Flower Print Kurta: Got it stitched
  • White Leggings: Local Store
  • Tan Sandals (which aren’t visible at all): Local Store, GK M-Block market, Delhi

Friday Business Casuals:

DSC_0247 DSC_0290

  • Plaid Multi-Colored Shirt: Local Store, Lajpat Nagar Market, Delhi
  • Floral Shirt: Some random market
  • Brown Pants (the ones with the floral shirt, I know all dark pants are looking just the same!): Bombay High (These happened to be of bad quality!)
  • Beige Belt: Footsteps, TGIP Mall, Noida

That’s it! Please let me know if these kind of posts are boring/interesting and all the suggestions are most welcome. 🙂 Be gentle regarding the picture quality though. 😀

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The Wardrobe Tales

My college is about to end in a few more weeks, rather days (There is no point in counting the exam days, right? :D). Although throughout the four years, I never enjoyed my college life as much as I wish I’d had but I am surely going to miss it, no matter how much I wish it was more fun or I was more fun. But this post ain’t just about all the emotional stuff related to oh-college-is-ending-m-gonna-miss-it. Rather, its about one thing that I did not follow during my college life and I wish I did. That thing is experimenting with my wardrobe (Did you expect something more serious?, I guess not after reading the title of this post :P).

Throughout my college life, I was more of a jeans, t-shirt, shorts, sometimes dressier tops, kurtas and salwars (Indian Pants) kind of girl. No maxi dresses, no skirts (considering that there is so much variety, it is pretty shameful) etc. I think I never thought about sporting skirts because I have been a jeans/ trousers person throughout my life. Infact, I really feel more comfortable in my pyjamas than skirts/maxis while sleeping. The other reason might be parents protective about their daughters travelling by public transport in Delhi. Anyway, no one in my college wears maxi dresses to college but my point is that I could have experimented so much more with what I wore (that rhymes :P). I mean I could have tried funkier tops with something special to them or different styles of dhoti pants or a quirky top or pants, basically anything which added a special element to the routine clothes. The funny part is that its not that I did not do all this because I was afraid to experiment, in fact some of my friends criticized my wearing of huge earrings with casual clothes but I was very confident and certain that it looks pretty cool, but the reason I did not experiment was because the idea of experimenting with my wardrobe did not cross my mind (It is only a realization that I had in the past few months, thanks to the blogging world). However, I am proud of myself for at least experimenting with various types of earrings (<3) and heavily kohl-ed eyes. I am also proud that I shopped from men’s section too to have outfits that I loved, like loose shirts with skinny jeans (the men’s section idea was of a friend’s by the way). I only wish I had done better considering that I am not afraid to do it and the fact that I am in my early twenties which is the best time for experimenting with your wardrobe. However, deep inside my heart, I do know that I experimented so much more than people around me of the same age group. I have done myself proud! 😀

So, all you people out there, experiment as much as you can with your dressing style, clothes, accessories etc. while you are in your undergrad school. Just remember to draw a line where needed in terms of decency. Be confident about what you wear and be creative about it because when you grow older, you will remember how much fun you had playing with your wardrobe. (Although you can do that at any age really. :))

Go hunt your wardrobe! 😀