We give equal chances to men: Street Style #4

Yes, we do. I never ask men to get up from reserved seats in metro and buses, unless absolutely necessary (which hasn’t happened till now thankfully), considering the fact that we are *usually* more hardworking than men ;). If we want equality in rights, we are ready to face the world equally too, aren’t we?

Coming back, this time I am featuring a guy for Street Style. We came across him in metro. Although, I like men who dress up the classic way more and usually don’t like guys in extremely slim fit clothes, this person was a refreshing change. He was dressed up the way which I usually don’t find appealing, but his style did look clean. Laid-back enough, but at the same time, formal enough for people to take you seriously. In fact, the photos are bad and he looked better in reality. So, here you go.



Did you like his style? Did you hate it? Did you find it just fine and not something that would catch your attention? Would love to know! 🙂

Floral Saree: Street Style #3

This street style is so close to my heart, as I loved this saree completely. And there’s a funny story about how I clicked this lady on the streets 😀 (the story will tell you why there’s a single shot and that too kind of a weird one). 😀 Please don’t kill me for the long story! 😛

I saw her in Bangalore, walking towards her jeep with her friend, while I was checking out of the hotel I was staying in, with my friend, on our business trip there (maybe more on that later sometime!). We were already getting late for catching a flight back to Delhi. Amid all the rush, rush, I notice her on the road and I tell my friend, “please! please! I have to click her for the blog!” So, I walk up to her (actually, run) and tell her at one go, “Hey! Your sari is really pretty and I love the way you are dressed, I write about people whose dressing sense I like on my blog, can I have a picture for that?” She was surprised and she and her frient started laughing. In my head, I was like,” Dude! just say yes or no, fast!!” Haha! So, she said yes, and here you go 😀 :


Isn’t it such a lovely sari? I loved the fact that she paired it up with this white plain blouse. She was tall and the sari suited her quite well. I wish I had clicked her standing, but she was ready to run in her jeep, so were we! 😛 There’s a pretty necklace as well, I don’t know if you can see that. Hope you loved it as much as I did.

Take care 🙂

The Floral Shrug: Street Style 2

She is Aishani, my friend from MBA coaching. I know, I know, she is, like, very pretty. 😀 She wore this extremely cool shrug to classes the other day.

I love outfits which do not look like a lot of effort has been put to create them. Aishani’s outfit here is just that. Jeans, a top slightly different from regular tees and the beautiful, statement-y shrug. It is casual but a notch above the regular casual outfits that we see. Not made up at all, still standing out in the crowd!

Alert: I do realize that I need to come up with better pictures. 😦

Here’s a look at the design of the shrug properly (The picture quality, I understand, is bad. The original colors of the shrug are the ones in the second picture).

Here’s a quick question: I deliberately chose the background for picture 2 and 3 as it has an old world charm. Honestly, do you like that background as much as I do? 

Eni’s Shoes: Street Style 1

Hi Guys!

Now that I have a phone camera (at least) with me all the time, I can click people whose style or ensemble or part of the ensemble gathers my attention. I am so, so happy about it. No really, I always found people in the metro wearing footwear or a bracelet that I wanted to post about but then asking “hey! i have a blog where i want to put pictures of your shoes but can you click that pic for me and mail it to me?” is beyond my guts. However, once I gathered courage to do that as well but the woman de-boarded at the next station. 😛

Anyway, coming back to my first street style post as I finally managed to click pictures :D! Presenting Eni Srivastava’s gold shoes:

PS: I promise that I’ll try clicking better pictures next time. 😛