Letter to Myself | Monday Mumbles 17


Life is a gift. It is a truth, not just another cliche. You have had a wonderful life so far, with its own share of ups & downs, but would you go back & change much? Very little, maybe. In any case, you are thankful for whatever happened & is happening which means that you are happy for being chosen to have this life. Then why bother about the small, really insignificant lows? Why not enjoy your peace of mind doing things you love instead of always keeping your mind occupied with random things that won’t matter?

Please STOP doing that & keep on living your life fully.

You know that you are lucky to have this life. You know that the things bothering you will pass. Seriously, these things do not define your life, or happiness. You will continue smiling and being happy. These are not even problems, just small obstacles which you have to keep aside to move further. Don’t take them to heart. Remember they will end soon.

PS: This is my first real ‘letter to myself’. I have written to me previously in diaries & stuff because I wanted to experience how it feels like since writing a diary is such a popular thing. However, it never felt anything very relieving or awesome. This one does better, comparatively. So I am glad I wrote this.

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Life Lately | Belated Monday Mumbles 15


Some of you guys wanted me to write about my B-School life and share more about my campus, but I don’t know why that never happened.

I also went through issues in my personal life and I was anyway never fond of the process of writing about personal life (so far), so probably due to that also I didn’t write anything about campus either. There’s also another big reason, a B-School life is extremely different from any other sort of campus life (or so I believe), hence it’s difficult for me to put down in words. As you may have noticed otherwise also, I am not very good at penning about my life. However, I did not want to end this year without giving a tiny peak into that. I’ll definitely try to share pictures of my campus before I move over to the second part of my degree in Europe. However, as of now, I can only tell you small bits of how it’s different, because I wish to be at peace that I didn’t end this year without writing anything about it.

The biggest difference remains of sleep. Nobody ever sleeps. Not even the people who have nothing to do. Although you will always have something to do, but my course, international management, runs faster as compared to the flagship course. In the flagship course at least, people can easily get time, still they won’t sleep and will keep chilling/partying till the wee hours. There’s the constant running around for breakfast and coffee breaks in between classes, where you get frustrated with the mess queues & what not! It’s funny how even in post graduation, you meet all sorts of people, the kinds you met in graduation, maturity in terms of age is not really necessary to be found :P. You meet the ones who cry for marks, the ones who think they are the coolest people on Earth, the ones who are actually cool and fun to be around, the anxious & scared ones, the ones who still choose to be nice after all these years of seeing this world and so on. The collective cries when a company is visiting campus and you are supposed to dress up in formals is a common phenomena and even companies don’t leave a chance to make fun of it. 😀  Its a very unique kind of a life and I am happy that I managed to live it. I wish it lasted longer, than the Europe bit at least, because there you are on your own and there’s no campus life as such.

I may not be good with words when it comes to writing about my life, but I’ll definitely try to share pictures sometime soon.

And with this last Monday Mumbles for year 2015, I usher in the New Year. May it be a very happy year for all of us! Here’s to hope, happiness & love!


Love, Srishty

Live every day to the fullest | Monday Mumbles 14

I wrote about my cousin sister here. Her nature and her practicality can be an inspiration for most of us and I am not saying it because she is my sister. If you knew her, you would know what I mean. She makes sure that she makes the most of what she has, lives in the present and tries to live each day. She is so accommodating that I have grown up watching her adjust to whatever small challenges life keeps throwing like its nothing. If she wants to meet you or you want to meet her, she will try figuring a way to visit you without bothering about things like whether you visited her earlier or not. Since she got married, she makes sure that she keeps visiting her parent’s city whenever she wants to without considering insignificant factors like company available to go with her etc. She understands that she may have added responsibilities eventually so better make every day count.

What is my point?

My grandfather passed away yesterday morning. My mom is in a miserable state because she feels guilty of not being able to visit him since a long time. She feels sad that she had to move to Delhi (both my parents had a previous office transfer in the same city where my maternal grandparents live, basically my mom’s maiden home). Along with the grief of losing her father, I think a major part of her sadness is constituted by the fact that she did not visit him since some time. My mom is very sincere about her work and I cannot remember the last time she took more than 2 leaves together. Except, when we go on a trip or to visit relatives (for both of them we have to force her mostly). About this particular visit that we are talking, there were other reasons for which she did not want to go apart from skipping work, she thinks that it hampers other people’s routines as my grandparents have a joint family. I am not sure if I am being immature, but we should just do what we want to. What others think governs our lives and then we suffer. I am sitting here and typing away this but I know I am a lot like my mom in these things. I hope you are not. Apart from this, she is also the kind of person who feels guilty about doing anything leisurely. If what she does, does not count as work in any way, she feels kind of guilty about it and considers it a waste of time. What’s so wrong in having a bit of time to just chill around?

This post is basically a reminder to all of us who are reading this to live everyday to the fullest. Bother about less insignificant things, live each moment more and have lesser regrets. We can use the example of the person I mentioned in the first paragraph.

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Those chaotic places |Monday Mumbles 13


India is a place of mesmerizing chaos. Sounds clichéd but it is that. India is so full of places, vintage and modern, urban and rural, that can send your senses on a journey unexpected. Even those who have lived here their entire lives. No matter where you live, you will know few places that are chaotic but still enticing and even though they are difficult to roam around in, you like the charm of these places. Share those places in the comments section. 🙂

I had India in my mind when I wrote this but I am sure these places are there in other parts of the world too, even though most parts are less culturally diverse and less populated. So, if you are reading this but you are from somewhere outside India, consider answering this. 🙂

My answer: 

Well, Delhi has endless places like these. There are numerous places where modern meets Mughal Delhi and it is captivating as hell. One such place I can think right now is Chandni Chowk in Old Delhi. I think this was built as part of Shahjahan’s Delhi when every architecture was all prim & proper and beautiful. This place is in a very poor state today as far as infrastructure is concerned, but it houses a huge, huge market of bridal wear & other wedding shopping. A market that garners unexpectedly high turnovers every year, or rather, every minute with the shops in the dark alleys of Chandni Chowk doing huge business. The place also is famous for its cult favorite food joints which have been here since forever and are still loved like nobody’s business! The place gets its touch of modern by the Delhi metro and the McDonald’s outlets open here but how much we would wish that nothing new is introduced here but whatever is already there gets back its glory!

Hair Transplant? | Monday Mumbles 12

Today in Monday Mumbles, I have a query for you guys.


Someone close to me wants to go in for Hair transplant. We went in for a Consultation at one of the renowned clinics in Delhi – Berkowits (free consultation in case someone cares) and I went in a state of shock after looking at the pictures of other people getting it done. It is a very minor surgery by medical standards, but I am very paranoid about these things. I found it quite a scary and painful procedure. Hence, my query is simply that if you know anyone who got it done, whether in India or outside India, it will mean a lot to me if you can share their experience or their contact. You can even mail me the details at srish.myblog@gmail.com. If there is anything else about it that I should be knowing, please share that as well. It would be really helpful for me. 🙂

Thank you so much, in advance! 🙂

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