Anniversary Letters to Rahul | 4

My wedding anniversary was on 28th April and per usual I am here to send out a letter days later. 🙂

This year, the letter is very important because few weeks back, I would have again thought that life has been the same, so what new to write. However, as I am writing this to you today, a lot has changed or about to change in our life this year. When I write this, it sounds scary and I don’t know how to tone it down, but I know in my heart that we will sail through new things happening in our life together. I also hope that its all for good, for better and brings immense happiness in our lives.

I would work on being less scared of changes and more reassuring like you. That, by the way, is truly God’s gift. I mean, I am sure you would have scary thoughts about changes too, but you know how to face them and also enable me to be better at facing them. You bring so much joy and calmness to anything that is happening and I hope this continues. I hope our love for each other continues to increase.

On another note, I believe my FOMO about traveling may peak this year, so we will figure that out together. I definitely look forward to many more fun trips and vacations in near future. ❤

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Anniversary Letters to Rahul | 3

Keeping up with my procrastination tradition, writing this 3 days after my wedding anniversary. 🙈

Also, i think it’s going to be more of a blog post this year than a letter form. As i think i am addressing it more as a broadcast message, rather than a letter to him. Does this mean i should change the tradition to make it more private? I don’t know, we will see that next year.

So, i was discussing with Rahul what to write to him this year as otherwise it may end up similar to last year and he just randomly mentioned a gibberish point i should highlight – this year I started wearing leopard print pyjamas! Totally unrelated, but i got gifted a set of animal print pyjamas by someone on my anniversary and i didn’t have the heart to tell them to exchange it. Also, i was in need of new night wear so i just went ahead with wearing it. As you may have guessed, i hate animal prints, so it’s quite a new thing for me and Rahul made sure to highlight it as a “new” thing. That boy noticing clothes or the discomfort with them is a big and fun deal! 😀

Gibberish aside, it’s worth mentioning few things i cherish the most in this relationship. So, here’s to that:

1. I feel like the luckiest person when I realize that for helping each other’s growth as we physically grow in age, we are okay to critique anything we notice the other doing wrong. I know it sounds petty that I noticed it by observing other people when they kind of continue entertaining their partners immaturity to avoid confrontation, but it still made me be thankful for the honesty in this relationship.

2. Despite the first point, i know you will always be there to calm me when even something totally irrational is bothering me. Of course, you will have to hear it from me that you are not empathetic as you don’t relate, but then it must be even more difficult for someone to do what you do when you don’t relate.

3. I am more than grateful for all the trips we took together. The means to take them, the fact that we managed to do some of those on whim and the rest, just truly grateful. Only a side note for you – be as excited as me about food 😀

4. Just like last year, it’s important to mention what truly makes my life better. It sounds very text book like, but it’s true that the little things on a daily basis is what matters – walks at night, snatching common time during office hours to grab a cup of tea together, oiling each other’s hair, watching stuff together.

5. as i keep saying this like a broken record, super proud of you for being comfortable in your own skin. Standing up for things you believe in always, even if it makes someone judge you. I love you so much for this and learn from it big time.

6. Last but not the least, appreciate you acknowledging that the social conditioning of not considering house work equally important for men is so fucking wrong and despite the conditioning you have got at your own home, you are actively trying to change it. I know I never fail to bring up any flaws on this bit, but hopefully we will both grow together in this department.

I love you so much. That’s the summary. 🙂

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Anniversary Letters to Rahul | 2

Can’t believe it’s already time for letter 2. Mar’20 to Mar’21 has been one large limbo and then it is second wave of corona which has India again. This pandemic seems to be taking it all this time. Rahul and I have celebrated all our anniversaries in lockdowns until now, 2 years of being married and 2 years of lockdown anniversaries. ❤️

Oh well, still can’t be enough thankful for everything that I have. For health of loved ones, for being by your side and the fact that you can get an award for tolerating me among all this!

I love you and I cherish every moment with you, including the silly fights on broken aquaguards. Thanks for existing and coming into my life. Stay.


Your wife

Anniversary Letters to Rahul | 1

Took this idea off one of my favorite blogs. Let’s clear that out first.

The first anniversary letter itself is a day late. 🙂 Setting the right expectations now, are we? Don’t think so, Rahul, I’ll be there at all times, on time, always. It’s just the expression that has come a day late.

On that note, just what a day yesterday has been! Completely like any other day, packed with work end to end, and, finally, getting to watching Money Heist together later into the night. The only different than usual (or celebratory) thing was parents in Surat ordering food & sweets for us. A first home delivery for us ever since lock-down has ensued. Other than that, I cannot believe our first wedding anniversary just happened without any difference from routine. Just like this year of being married, actually. It just passed in a jiffy. In our hectic, consuming jobs, we didn’t do anything milestone-y. But when I look back, all I can think of is happy memories, happy days, fun times. And a life that I truly love.

Which is why this letter is so special. A first year of marriage where we cannot count tangible stuff like a big trip etc but all I can reminisce is how much we have enjoyed just being. Just being on the couch watching TV post work, just being in the balcony soaking up sun and having chai, just chilling in the balcony at night with friends and gossiping, forcing you to come out & do groceries on weekends rather than ordering doorstep delivery. I have always been the kind of person who wants to believe “enjoy the simple things”, but with you by my side, it has come naturally.

Not going on our honeymoon will remain a funny story always – we both were too involved in planning our wedding and, hence, were in two minds about going on a honeymoon, as we didn’t have the time to plan it. Finally, we did decide to go to Seychelles & when we were just about to book tickets, we got to know that Rahul’s visa had expired. Hence, the honeymoon was postponed. Although, we did spend a couple of days in this tiny hill station near Surat, Saputara, right after our wedding functions. A mini-moon of sorts? What is the literal meaning of honeymoon, mini-moon etc etc? I don’t know, but the point is conveyed. This year we were thinking of planning a trip. While you are quite bummed about not being able to travel due to the Covid outbreak, since you had really considered this as a replacement of that postponed honeymoon. I am quite okay. I am just as bummed as any other person who wants to travel, but that’s pretty much it. As bookish as this may sound, I look forward to routine with you. I look forward to every day. My wish is that this feeling remains the same for years to come, our love grows & we get to spend many, many more years of togetherness.

Happy first wedding anniversary, Rahul! Here’s to a lot more love, togetherness, dreams & happiness together!