10 | My Hair Story & the entry of a recent miracle

I woke up in the morning today & the first thing I realize is that I forgot to put up a post yesterday. Anyhow, here we are today and while I was thinking about what to write, I got reminded of something.

Something which I was uncomfortable writing (to avoid sounding vain talking about vanity) but it will be worse not sharing it.

Additionally, I think this will make me feel more at ease with posting about vanity related stuff which might make me happy or which might be useful to some or which might turn up as good content.

If you are already bored, sorry about that but since its a topic sensitive and close to many a heart\n, I know you can’t go back now. #evil

Is it okay if I write it like a list? Helps organize my thoughts better (please let me know in comments if that’s a put off though):

  1. I have never had good quality hair. I don’t fall into that category of people who can say “Oh! I used to have such healthy hair but this pollution or this hard water or etc etc”. No, I never had the good stuff to begin with. Of course, all the external factors might have had their share of fun on my mane but the point is, my mom got my head shaved thrice as a child in the belief that eventually good hair will come.
  2. In my later teens, when I started to become conscious about my looks, I used to hate my hair’s behavior. You see I had a “boy cut” (fancily known as Pixie/bob etc) in my early teens and since I had just started growing out my hair in late teens, they used to have a mind of their own. Eventually over the years, my hair length grew and with longer length came slightly saner hair as well, because the shorter they are, the more they start waving around and doing their own thing. I don’t know why I just feel straight, clean hair look better on me than wavy or curly.
  3. But, more importantly, what happened over the years was that I became perfectly comfortable and actually started to love my hair the way they are. Reason? They are not luscious or healthy, but they look good or just fine. So, the main reason why you want your hair to be healthy is kind of taken care of. 😛 And why I used to hate them initially was because I really, really wanted straight hair. The acceptance came eventually that I am always going to have wavy hair, if I want them poker straight sometimes, I can always get them done.
  4. Now that its clear that I like my hair the way they are, I also became okay with the fact that they are never going to be super healthy. I became okay with everything that comes with hair – hairfall, dandruff etc etc. Thank God my hair don’t get very frizzy, I hate that!!!!!! And I do not use any additional products on my hair other than shampoo and oil. No, I do not even use a conditioner because I feel my hair work better off it. The only thing I do is keep trying gharelu nuskhe (natural tricks) every once in a while (very rarely actually) and switching between shampoos in the hope that maybe I’ll come across a miraculous one some day.
  5. And that happened. Yes, I did land a shampoo which is suiting me like anything and my hair have never felt and looked this good on a normal day. Please see the picture below for the shampoo. There’s a disclaimer though. This is the first time I am using a shampoo (heck! any product) bought from a salon person, so it’s quite possible that there are other such products sitting on salon counters but since I never wanted to go into that loop of buying shiny products from the salon, I never really knew. Still, just try it out if its available where you live. 🙂

PS: Please don’t think I am some kind of psycho who sits and thinks about their hair all day long. Its just that before using this shampoo, many times I used to think is there anything that has changed the game for my hair since childhood. And then I got reminded of how much I used to hate my hair back then and now I love them, it may deserve a post some day! 😛

Edit: Also wanted to mention this other product which is giving my ends a really smooth finish and an overall smoother, shinier mane. But I feel both of these are the kind of products which show instant results but if I stop using them, effects won’t last.