Checklists. | Monday Mumbles 10 | Why I was MIA

Hello World!


If anyone cares anymore :D, I was missing in action due to some important deadlines work-wise and otherwise, I think this was arguably the busiest period after my undergrad years (yes, my undergrad wasn’t as chilled out as it is in most Indian colleges) but anyway, it’s good to be freer and I would hopefully be regular now onwards.

Fortunately for me, I am back on a Monday because I can go as random as I want in Monday Mumbles. So, here’s today’s topic:

Tell me about your checklist for tomorrow/next week/month/year or any checklist that you have made and would like to mention.

Here’s mine after getting done with some of the deadlines:

  1. Getting one more pair of ear-piercing done. (This is the scariest one as I am really scared of needles, but I really want it. The good thing is that both my ear piercings were done after I reached teenage unlike most girls who get their first ones as kids and have to undergo less pain, but I already have experienced it twice and that probably should motivate me).
  2. Read more books because obviously. I was desperately waiting for this to happen.
  3. Visit more of the places that attract me.
  4. Experiment more with cooking/baking because it has been so long. In the morning, I was so excited about it that I thought I would bake something as soon as I reach home but now I am back to being my lazy self.
  5. Try to exercise. (This is probably even more difficult than 1).

That’s all, now share your lists!

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and I hit the gym. Again.

Luck had put a condition that he will go back to the gym only if I do. Reason? He knows that I am a lazy ass when it comes to workout. Why do i need gym? I am thin in a bad way, I need to be fit and have a better body, and I need to be less lazy. Why does he need to workout? He has a tendency of gaining weight very easily. Therefore, there was no reason why I should not agree to the condition EXCEPT that it is so boring 😛 and I think I am not a gym person at all. 😀 It is like when people know fruits are good for them, but they don’t like eating fruits at all. I think if you like working out as a hobby, or you ‘enjoy’ it a lot, you are one of the lucky people on Earth! As for me, I need a TV in my gym, you guys! 😛

However, I am going to workout, come what may. Haha! I have to keep this condition, no matter what. Here’s to hitting the gym! (It sounds so hard already!)