Life Instagram-ed! #9

This is going as a really, really hectic work week (past week too) and not in a good way. I mean I am only correcting mistakes over and over again, either my own or of someone else’s. I have so many posts lined up, some in drafts and some only penned down in my notebook waiting to see light of the day! Soon, very soon.

Since I was dying to write here, I chose an easy thing to post right away. Here are snippets from my life captured on instargam since, I don’t know, past 100 weeks? 😛


1. Nail color that I was wearing long ago. I usually buy local nail paint, which, mind you, is a bad habit. You should be sure of the quality. Well, you can say this is something bad that I do?


2. My first PR sample. I was so happy when I received this. The happiness was multiplied because of two things: Tips & Toes being an Indian brand and Tips & Toes being a cruelty-free brand.


3. New slippers that I bought from the local market. They are very comfortable and as you can see, they look nice and fun to lounge around in.


4. I tried peanut butter a long time ago, liked it, had it in my mind but never got around to buying a jar for myself. Recently, a friend got those ‘imported’ Reese’s peanut butter chocolates to India and that rang a bell. It is one of my drugs now. 😛


5. Some of us friends met some time back and coincidentally, all of us were wearing these beige sort-of shoes. I am the one who is wearing sandals, by the way. 🙂


6. Last to last Sunday’s edition of Hindustan Times’ Brunch magazine was A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. It had a cover story on must read Indian novels. As I enjoy reading Indian novels the most, I thoroughly loved this story. (For those who don’t know, Hindustan Times is a newspaper in India).


7. When you live with parents, many a times you get a refrigerator stocked up with fruits. Lovely, ain’t it?


8. This is the very famous, very old Wenger’s Bakery in Connaught Place, Delhi. Personally, I always feel that this place is a little over-hyped. But I also feel the need to explore it more to be sure of my opinion. Give it a go sometime?


9. My favorite photo. Wearing a hot pink salwar and reading a vintage book. This is what we call Vintage chic. 😉 By the way, if you have a store in your city, do check out stuff at ‘Sabhyata’. They have a very nice collection of Indian wear.


10. Because the previous picture had all beautiful things except my watch. 😉

Hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed putting it up. Now my eyes are not even able to open up properly. Good night guys! I’ll be back soon. 🙂


The famous Paan shop of Connaught Place!

There are few things in a city which are pretty famous but only among their patrons. Apart from them, nobody knows because well, they are small things which are not important enough to be remembered or to be logged in your travel itinerary. 😉 When you have a hundred places to cover for food while visiting Delhi, who will remember about a Paan shop, right? 🙂 For the uninitiated, Paan is an old-age mouth-freshener in India/South Asia made of betel leaves and many other things, and to call it only a mouth-freshener is actually quite insulting (not exaggerating!). And, therefore, I am attaching here a wiki page explaining Paan. 😉  Oh, by the way, it can very well be consumed without the tobacco in case you read only the first two-three lines. In fact, that is how most of us consume it.



I am not a huge fan of Paan, I like it but not crazily, however, I know a lot of people who simply love Paan to the core and its very easy to find such people here in India. Paan is a very tempting delicacy here. 🙂 By the way, every foreign tourist must try Paan, no matter what.

Anyway, while the traditional Paan has its fans all over the world, there is one little shop in Connaught Place that has all sorts of quirky Paans. Ever heard of flirt pan? Haha! Strawberry Paan? Black Currant Paan? You name it!


The Black Currant Paan. Yes, all of them come packed like this. 🙂


This is a must try if you are in Delhi even if you are not a Paan fan and the best part is that you don’t have to take out extra time to visit this place. For tourists, travelling within Delhi is a pain in the ass (its for Delhi people too most of the times 😛 ). However, you will be visiting Connaught Place for some or the other reason, I am sure. It is right in front of Odeon Cinema. Ask anyone in Connaught Place about Odeon Cinema.

This is a must try. No, really.


This, I guess, was the butter scotch one. 😉 Not that great!

Visit this place whenever you are in CP (Connaught Place) next. 🙂



6 practical work outfits!

Oh I wanted to do this since such a long time! I have been clicking (crappy) pictures for it since forever! 😀 I love doing outfit posts, but never do it due to these reasons: 1. Crappy pictures, 2. extremely crappy pictures, 3. I don’t want people to leave my blog due to crappy pictures. I’ll try to improve next time. :/

Anyway, like I mentioned before here,I have taken the idea of posting outfits of multiple days as a combined post from Mehak from Peaches § Blush. I loved this idea! Its practical, fun and is more usable for outfit ideas and for judging the pattern of your own outfits (or of the person whose outfit post you are going through :D). 

So, here you go:

And remember, feedback, both negative and positive is more than welcome. 🙂


  • Kurta: Street shopping in Bapu Bazaar, Jaipur
  • White churidaars: Local Shop
  • White cotton dupatta: Mom’s

Here’s a better look at the kurta (whom am I kidding, I am posting it because this picture is better than the rest :P)


DSC_8851 DSC_8852

  • Blue Top: Export Surplus Shop in Jaipur (I love when we find such treasures while street shopping. Otherwise it sucks to wear the same Van Heusen shirt to office as 10 other people :/)
  • Trousers: Cantabil
  • Shoes: Local Store, Rajouri Garden, Delhi (I love the shoes!!)
  • Watch: Fastrack


  • Pink Kurta: Aurelia
  • White Churidaars: Local Market
  • Jute Jacket: Street Shopping in Paharganj (Read more about it here)
  • Grey flats: Street Shopping, Connaught Place (not very comfortable, but they were for 250 INR!! :D)


  • Grey Blazer: Chemistry
  • Striped Top: Local Market
  • Black Pants: Promod
  • White Lace Ballerinas: Westside


  • Blue Shirt: Max (This is at least 5 years old :))
  • Cream Pants: Westside
  • Black Thin Belt: Came free with a pair of trousers from Promod 😀


  • Top: Chemistry
  • Trousers: Cantabil

Hope you liked it!

Take care & keep smiling 🙂


Life Instagrammed! #6

Last week just sped off like anything. I hung out with my college friends over the weekend after such a long time, it was really nice. 😀 We met, as usual, in Connaught Place and ate at this place, Route 04, an American cafe and bar sort of setup. We keep going back to this place every now and then for some reason, even though I find the food pretty average. We had onion rings, pizza, mushroom alfredo sauce pasta and my non-vegetarian friends had something else too whose name I don’t remember (i recently gave up non-veg, I am unable to eat it these days). Anyway, everything was pretty ok and felt bland.

I also went for an eye check up but apparently the doctors who should be checking me are not available on Sundays. :/

Anyway, coming back to the life snapshots clicked this week, here you go:


1. Haha! This thing is so much fun! The Delhi-Jaipur road where Cyber City, Gurgaon,     India is situated recently had these ‘Keep Calm’ boards put on a lot of pillars. I think this brings a smile on your face among the maddening jams. Since my office is in Cyber City, I used to come across these boards while in my office cab (‘used to’ because I have now started using metro for some time).


2. ‘Day to Day Economics’ by Satish Y. Deodhar is the book that I am reading at the moment, along with other fiction books. This is my fourth book as part of the Brunch Book Challenge, but I guess I’ll be sharing my opinion about my fifth and sixth books before I complete this. It’s so hard to finish non-fiction for me 😛


3. Women’s Day Celebrations in my office. 😀 All of us got a box each from Baker’s Street (a bakery shop) which had a cute cookie, a cupcake, a croissant and sandwiches in it. Fine on the taste part but looked super beautiful! (Ate it too fast to click pictures :P)


4. Air freshener in my friend’s car. I don’t know why but I liked the container a lot. 😛


5. New curtains in our drawing-room. I like them a lot, tell me what you think. 😀


6. Treasures getting sold on the street. I found this stall selling these beauties in Connaught Place, Delhi.

That’s it for now.

Take care and keep smiling 🙂

Life Instagrammed! Week #4

Snippets from the past week are too less, and the irony is that that week had so many birthdays and eating-outs. I don’t know, probably I was too occupied to even click. 😀 Anyway, here you go:


1. Cutie sleeping


2. Delhi’s chaat. You have got to try it if you haven’t already. By the way, this picture is taken at Connaught Place, Delhi on a warm winter afternoon. I love CP at that time (I love CP anyway, but you get the drift!)


3. Late night maggi cooked for my brother. These kids taking board exams, and studying overnight, they almost survive on maggi (which is so wrong, I know! :/)


4. The candles from my parents anniversary cake. 🙂 (Yes, I had a million cake cutting ceremonies this past week and I don’t have a picture from even one of them. I am astonished myself! :O)

Take care,                                                                                                                               Lots of Love                                                                                                                             Srish 🙂

Awesome bag shop in Connaught Place, New Delhi


Disclaimer: The pictures are crappy! The owner was kind of freaked out by the clicking. The bags were really good though. 🙂

So, I entered this shop just by chance (Love how one manages to discover old vintage shops in Connaught Place out of nowhere!). Me and my friend were looking for a ladies handbag to be gifted. We checked out Sri Leathers, the famous handbag and shoe shop in Connaught Place (CP). If you live in Delhi, you will know about this one. Although the collection was ok, everything was so drab and dirty. And yes, they sell the same pieces that you are checking out.

Disappointed we moved to Bata and other brands in the vicinity, when we discovered this shop – ‘Duli Chand and Bros’. Clearly, this is an old times shop. I love such places, because you manage to find treasures! My friend bought a leather bag for some 2700 bucks. It was really sturdy and a color different from the usual leather bags. It was a berry purple kind of color, you know. The bags are priced quite decently compared to the branded ones, and the quality is extremely good.


1. Amazing quality bags at a price quite affordable compared to branded leather bags like Hidesign, Da Milano etc (Of course, they have so much variety and better finishing, but here you get what you pay for).


2. They were quite honest regarding which bags are faux leather and which are real.

3. There were bags of the double strap kinds as well which are rare to be found in local shops. I don’t know what they are called but here’s a picture for reference.


In this, you can see the double strapped ones hanging at the top in the right side!


1. I am personally not into animal leather bags. Since I don’t know whether the ‘real’ ones mean animal leather, I would only buy the faux ones.


2. The variety was not huge (but whatever was there was good).

If you are in CP, check this shop out. Address is there in the picture below: