Turning 30 on Aug 30

So, this Aug 30, I turned 30 years old. Of course, as I type it, it seems like a huge number. And usually when you have a milestone birthday (like 30s, 40s or even 25th, 35th etc), you are asked by others or yourself – how do you feel about turning this age?

I have some mixed thoughts on hitting this milestone year. I will try to break them down into understandable points, for myself as well as the reader. 🙂

First of all, a very obvious thought, which I think many people will relate to – I feel that life is running past us. As a 30-year old, shouldn’t I have had done more? Now, just to be clear, I am not someone who usually undermines their achievements or efforts. If anything, I am always applauding myself even for small achievements but, at the same time, I am also someone who would feel a whole lot more fulfilled if they can check on some typical success metrics (this may have something to do with how I was raised – my mom takes very little downtime and it’s so hard to convince her that relaxation is not a bad thing). Therefore, when I think that I have turned 30, a rush of things come to my mind – things that I should have done by now, but haven’t. I am also trying better to not measure life in checklists. In the end, it doesn’t matter, what usually bothers oneself is their own fomo and what if you get over the idea of fomo? A lot more happiness I guess. (Can’t believe I used fomo in a post about turning 30).

Secondly, age is not just a number. Let me explain myself before any bricks are thrown at me. I completely understand and agree to the context when people use “age is just a number”. What they mean is that there’s no age to do anything. You can find love at 60, become a painter suddenly at 30 etc etc. I fully agree to this thought. But it doesn’t change the simple maths that at any of these points in life, you are that many years old. There is only a certain number of years you would live from an average life expectancy standpoint. I really, really don’t want this to sound depressing and, trust me, I am not depressed while typing this out. I just feel that age is not just a number and it is indicative of how much of your life has already been lived. To take this indication in a helpful manner though, we can take a conscious call to not let age dictate what we want to do anyway!

The second point brings me to my third point – I feel a whole lot secure of myself as I age. This is one of the greatest benefits of ageing and I know many of my friends relate to this. I feel a lot more sure of myself, my wants, a lot more open to be myself in a crowd and this is something that I expect will improve even more in the coming years. I also have a lot less fucks to give to people who don’t matter (in fact, I expected more improvement in this area by now). Again something I hope will improve further as we age.

Lastly, I didn’t want to end this post without mentioning how my birthday went. I was at my in-laws place (fun fact – coincidentally all my birthdays post marriage have been with my in-laws and it’s a complete coincidence as we don’t live together). We had the usual cake cutting at midnight with some cute birthday decor. Btw, I abhor this midnight cake cutting concept now unless you are partying for the birthday. I mean if you are staying awake anyway for partying or anything else, then cut the cake at midnight. Otherwise, whyyyyyy? Also, I am a complete balloon lover but have given up on using them since they are non biodegradable. My SIL insists on having decor on my birthdays but I am totally against balloons now as I don’t miss their presence in my life at all. Can be easily given up. They did make for great pictures though! Sharing one below. I did another cake cutting with some cute kids in the evening next day. Apart from this, I got a lot of gifts from cute friends and family. I feel extremely loved when someone remembers the books I wanted to buy and loved having all the gifts I got this birthday – a Harry Potter illustrated edition for me to start my Harry Potter journey along with another book I wanted and some awesome lipsticks from Moksha, a pair of gold earrings from mil, some cute pendants from Khushi and a beautiful outfit by sil. All lovely, fun things. It was also janmashtami on the same day this time and it usually is a big deal as my sil and her husband are pretty religious, we participated in a dance during the janmashtami function and that was quite fun too!

I dedicated many minutes over many days on how I would have wanted to celebrate my 30th birthday and here’s the deal – the reason I thought so much about it is because I like doing something special on my birthday but it’s mostly because I don’t want to regret later about not doing something special :D. So, my ideal birthday would be to be on a holiday or a staycation or having a party with my close friends only if I can be sure that people will just chill and have a good time without making a big deal about birthday specific attention (that gets formal and irritating). This birthday too I had wanted to go for a couple spa (I haven’t got a spa done ever btw, hair spa doesn’t count). On the actual birthday, I didn’t feel like going for it, so that’s pending too. So much for seizing the moment and we only live once quotes😛.

How do you like spending your birthdays? Also, any thoughts on ageing are welcome 🙂

Edit: totally forgot to mention this gorgeous cake that my sil got made 🙂

7 Personalized Gift Ideas for special people in your life!

20141212_2156001 Who doesn’t like personalized gifts? Many a time I come across these wonderful posts about thoughtful gifting ideas that I thought it’s only fair I too compile a list of ideas, for I know that they can make the person receiving the gift really, really happy. Today’s Friday’s List is about just that, few gifting ideas that will make someone cry with happiness:

  1. A diary full of 365 (366) days: I am so proud to admit that this is entirely my idea, I did not hear about it or read it anywhere but it completely occurred to me :P, if it is a famous thing, then I am not aware of it. I cannot stop shouting that I thought of it on my own, hahaha! Annoying habits aside, the idea is to make a diary for someone where you write something for them or generally write anything on each day of the year and gift it to them on their birthday or any other special day. I don’t think I need to explain how overwhelmingly beautiful this would be, right?
  2. Birthday postcards: For example, someone is turning 22, so you make 22 postcards with each postcard mentioning a quality about them or something like that. You can also call it making mini greeting cards. This can obviously be customized for other occasions as well.
  3. A personal calendar: A cousin of mine loved me for suggesting this to her, that was sometime back. I think this is pretty popular by now? Many printing websites and local stores like the ones who print pictures on coffee mugs offer these calendars. You can get a table calendar made for each of the months with pictures chosen by you and you can also put certain quotes, special marks etc on certain dates of your choice. I have never seen a wall calendar of this sort but that would be a great idea! I got one made from Printvenue.com and due to some offers, it came out to be extremely cheap, while the quality was really, really good.
  4. A letter: Irrespective of how clichéd this sounds, if you have given a hand-written letter to someone or received it, you know how cherished it is, no seriously, if you haven’t done this till now, do it. I received this as a gift and even the envelope was personalized, I can’t begin to describe how good it felt.
  5. Treasure Hunt: This is actually what triggered this post. I have had the idea of doing this post a long while ago but forgot about it. Today I came across this post where she organized a treasure hunt on her husband’s birthday with every clue leading to a gift. I think it’s a wonderful idea and wanted to share it with you guys right away.
  6. Explosion Box: Ok, tell me, how many of you did not know about this? 😀 It’s basically a box that you make (or get made) which is tied with a ribbon. It’s made in a way that when you untie the ribbon, it opens up like a flower blooming or like an explosion happening and goodies are revealed from inside the box. Here’s a blog post for your reference. Now the downside with this is that it requires a lot of effort if you decide to make it yourself, there are also professionals who make this. Also, I would like to add that if you are planning to gift this, consider the personality of the person. Most of the explosion boxes that I have come across are very frilly and elaborate, many people are not into that, mostly guys, if you are getting this for a guy, consider going easy on frills and fancy stuff and fill the box up with things important to him.
  7. Sweet gestures: I am leaving out the obvious yet thoughtful gifts like the book someone wants to read, handmade greeting cards etc because everyone knows their importance anyway but I did not want to leave out on sweet gestures. For example, preparing an elaborate meal for someone. For example, my blogger friend Shruti Di’s husband surprised her with a donut name. For example, getting gifted with a completely surprise party. For example, preparing a Rangoli with flowers for someone who’s into Rangoli and flowers both in the night so that they wake up to that. I think there are many such little things out there that will totally make someone’s day.

I consider myself lucky to have gifted or have been gifted most of these except point 5 and 6, and since I really like thinking about innovative ideas for gifting, I am definitely going to come up with some more, either myself or from amazing posts that I come across. Tell me about yours. 🙂

Life Instagrammed! Week #4

Snippets from the past week are too less, and the irony is that that week had so many birthdays and eating-outs. I don’t know, probably I was too occupied to even click. 😀 Anyway, here you go:


1. Cutie sleeping


2. Delhi’s chaat. You have got to try it if you haven’t already. By the way, this picture is taken at Connaught Place, Delhi on a warm winter afternoon. I love CP at that time (I love CP anyway, but you get the drift!)


3. Late night maggi cooked for my brother. These kids taking board exams, and studying overnight, they almost survive on maggi (which is so wrong, I know! :/)


4. The candles from my parents anniversary cake. 🙂 (Yes, I had a million cake cutting ceremonies this past week and I don’t have a picture from even one of them. I am astonished myself! :O)

Take care,                                                                                                                               Lots of Love                                                                                                                             Srish 🙂

A very Happy Birthday! :D

Today is a very emotional day for me. Luck turns 22 today and the blog turns 1 today. Yeah, it is pretty big. I love this day. Happy Birthday little blog! 😀

I started this blog last year on Luck’s birthday and I am glad that I had this idea of starting it on his birthday. Makes his birthday and the blog’s birthday all the more special. Dear God, I wish that both progress a lot in life and may you bestow us with all your blessings. 🙂

The Birthday Post

Yesterday was my birthday. 🙂 And all I want to say about it is that I feel really, REALLY blessed to have amazingly caring people in my life. Everybody close to me took charge to make my day special.



This is how I had planned it: Go to office, get excited about customary birthday email which is sent by office, get wished by people, get special treatment by friends in office, take a leave from office, have lunch with best friends, hang out with them, go back home in the evening and celebrate with family. Now, the office friends really made the initial part awesome. Most of the office friends weren’t in office that day but the ones who were made sure to make me happy. My friend even talked to her manager to allow her to go to the client site later (because I told her that I’ll leave by lunch). As I told them about my leaving by lunch, they had to arrange the cake real fast :D, as they had plans to do that later. It was supremely fun. 😀

This is how it was planned by some of my favorite people: Let me go to office, let me get excited about the birthday email, let me have fun with my office friends, go fo lunch with me (we went to MamaGoto, but our experience there is for another post :P), keep me busy in hanging out so that some of my other friends can take care of the surprise party at my home. 🙂 Then, I go back home and there’s a party with my family and all these ‘planners’ in presence. 😀 Amidst all this, a very special friend of mine sent me a surprise cake and flowers from Bangalore. I miss her! :/ There are some more friends and cousins, who are in and around Delhi, and so I wish they were present too but they couldn’t come because of genuine reasons that I know of. I had had a similar amazing surprise party earlier as well and it is so overwhelming to get all this love. 🙂

I feel so blessed to have some amazing people in my life. Thank you God for them 🙂 Thank you to that person who put his thoughtfulness in everything to make this day special for me, *you are the best* .:) Thank you to this best friend of mine who stayed with me throughout the day because I wanted her to. 🙂 Thank you to my other best friend whom I could meet only late in the evening because he had an interview but he still managed to come. Thank you to this amazing friend who took a leave from office simply because he was asked to. A big thanks to this friend who came to my place even after a hectic day at work and took care of the decorations and stuff. Also, my cousin and her husband who managed to join in all the party spirit! Thank you to my parents and brother for pampering me on my day.

PS: I am not posting gift pictures as I have not clicked them yet and I don’t feel like posting them. I’ll update this post if I do feel like. (By the way, the gifts from my best friends are super amazing). Also, same goes for party pictures, I don’t have them and yet not sure if I want to post them. 🙂

Because today is a big day :)

Hi There!

This is officially my first post on my first blog, something that I was planning to do since ages but never had the courage to do so. However, I decided to write my first post around 15 minutes ago. Why this urgently, you may ask.

Because today is February, the 10th. Its the birthday of one of the most important people in my life, Lucky. 🙂 Other people being parents and brother, few cousins, few other but very important friends.

On this day, when I am not even done with deciding the name of this blog or with updating the ‘about me’ section (yes I consider about me an important section!), I had to write this post before its February 11 because it is my way of showing how much he means. I know a lot of people who can swear by how great a friend he is to them. He is that perfect caring friend who values his friendship with someone even if there are no selfish reasons involved to befriend a person, a very rare quality I find in people. He is someone who never loses his cool in tough times and is always the one who will cheer everyone up.To me, he is one of the most perfect people in this world and there is not a chance that I can explain that in a post but a few lines won’t hurt. Lucky, you are the best! I am refraining from writing here that how awesome you are because it is never going to be enough.

A very very Happpppyyyyyyyyyy *21st* Birthday! 😀 😀 May God always bless you and keep you happy! 🙂
PS: The image in the post is personal property. Please don’t copy without permission.