The food that no one can have just one (mouthful)

We all have certain favorite foods which if put in front of us will be finished then and there. Ain’t it true for all of us? 😀 I have most people around me as sweet foods’ lovers like addicts of chocolates, candies, cakes and the likes. Of course, I gulp down all these too as the opportunity comes 😛 but I am NOT a lover of these foods. I am all in all a spicy and salty food lover. So, basically, if you put in front of me a bag of lays or cheetos or fries, I just wouldn’t be able to stop eating no matter how big the bag is. One such food that comes in this category of mine is ‘Aloo Bhujia’ (an Indian fried snack made of potatoes, as thin as vermicelli, even thinner in fact).


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I am writing about this because I am eating it right now and I am getting looks from my family because they wonder when am I going to stop eating this dangerously fried snack and not to mention that its a 1 kg bag.

Ok, I stopped. 🙂

But seriously, crunchy and spicy food is so irresistible for me. Do you fall in this category too?