A Bollywood Affair by Sonali Dev


Okay, believe me, all of 2015 books would not be chick-lits. It’s only a coincidence that the first two are. In fact, I am coming across really, really good books from different genres. Big yay to that!

About this book, let me just say a simple thing. Irrespective of how Indian television serial-istic the title sounds, I loved this one! And I’ll go ahead and say that many of you may like it. Unless, of course, you completely despise love stories. This is not the kind of books where I can say that even if you hate love stories, this will make you a convert. It is a sappy, over-sentimental love story but as far as I am concerned, it’s not the kinds which can make you cringe. I read some reviews about the book after completing it and everyone seemed to love the female protagonist. I did not feel any particular love towards her, though I have to agree it was a cute character (if that makes sense). However, I loved the male protagonist through and through! Now anyone who has read the book will totally judge me for liking him because he was like those typical hot as hell and still nice and pure at heart guys which are only there in books (or movies)! But, hey, even if he was fictional, he deserves a mention. 😀 I also liked the fact that most of the side characters were given good enough footage. I love it when side characters have some importance. Some of the things were super cliched but I managed fine with that because I was enjoying the story and the melodrama way too much anyway.

My favorite part of the book has to be the subplot of child marriages in Rajasthan. I think that truly made this story special for me.

I am a little scared of the fact that my opinion may make you think highly of this novel and it may not live up to your expectations. I know that such super mushy love stories are not liked by many. This might very well be true if you happen to read this but I loved it. To think of that I chanced upon it’s eBook accidentally! 🙂

Oh, and, yes, it will make for a good Bollywood movie for sure, in true DDLJ style.