March Update

It has been such a topsy turvy month. There is so much that has ensued that I don’t have the energy left to do a proper low down of March.

But it deserves a post to go in the history of my life as an important month, so here you go.

The initial part of the month was all okay, and my regular programming. I made a note to share here that I tried a new Greek restaurant, ‘Ryba’, near my place which i liked decent enough. At the time of making that note, I didn’t know it would become a special date for me and my husband, but more on that later.

After this, I embarked on my work trip. If i hadn’t made it clear before, I hate work trips to the core and if you are a long time follower of the blog, you would know that I didn’t used to like them even when as a young, 20 something I got them as a foreign travel opportunity. This one I especially hated because it went on longer than I wanted and expected and without much of a motive. I am still there in Bombay now on my work trip, but since it’s closer to my in-laws family, I did visit them in between which was good.

apart from this, i am missing my place terribly and there are some pretty life-changing things that March brought but I’ll dedicate separate posts to them.

hope you all are doing good, would love to know more!

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