5 thoughts on “Where is the best place to watch the sunset near you?

  1. Quite interesting to read about the sunsets 😇

    Below are some of the best sunsets I’ve seen so far, in reverse rankings (I wish I could share the pics here 😊):

    5) 2009 – Pachmarhi, MP
    4) 2008 – Mandovi, Goa
    3) 2023 – Deserts of Dubai
    2) Daily – My office
    1) 2020 – Beau Vallon beach, Seychelles

  2. Oh I love sunsets and the one you describe and captured are beautiful! Sometimes it’s more about the memories attached to them, right?
    I love sunsets at sea and remember fondly the ones I saw this summer in Greece, but sunsets also always remind me of Vienna, which is somehow the city where I saw the most beautiful ones, with the sky turning this beautiful bright pink that made everything more peaceful and beautiful!

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