My Goals for 2023

Still counting it as the right time to be posting this. I am scared to call these goals. Goals is a) very definitive, if I don’t achieve this, I feel there would be a scorecard at the end of 2023 and I don’t want to end up feeling bad, b) very tangible, while as you move along this post, the things that I am mentioning are not super tangible.

Here we go:

  1. Less Phone Addiction: Its already 19th of January and I don’t think my progress is worth noting in this department. 😀
  2. Health & Workout: Pretty consistent in this department. So, I would break it further into three areas:
    • Healthy Food: I think I improved a lot in eating salads along with my regular meals, ever since I asked my domestic worker for chopping vegetables. It has made hell of a difference instead of cooking everything from scratch. The only problem is that I am still not completely over my unhealthy snacking, however, I am on a good path.
    • Workout: I mentioned here that I have been quite consistent with my workouts, but not able to improve their durations. This area is still the same largely, but I am happy to continue my streak. This is going to be my year for consistency!
    • My Supplements: I have been prescribed some basic Vit D and B12 kind of tablets but I haven’t taken them since more than 4 months or so! Not even now in Jan, I am going to fix this right after writing this post.
  3. Reading: I won’t say that I improved drastically in Jan, from my lull in the last 3 months of ’22, but I am off to a good start. Read more about my reading goals here.
  4. Writing: Every year, I have this goal to dedicate more time to my blog and every year I fail. Let’s see how this goes.
  5. Work: I mentioned here how 2022 was not the year of growth for me in multiple aspects, work being one of them. I also mentioned how that was intentional. I’ll tell you what I mean by that – I do my work sincerely and I like my line of work more or less but I am in a zone where I want to bring more balance to work and my life outside work. This is something difficult to achieve in the line that I am in, so I consciously try to do my work sincerely but not go overboard. As it happens in India (in consulting all over the world actually), work life balance and growth kind of stay at loggerheads. I do look forward to growth, but I am not sure how far I want to go to achieve that. Here’s to growing without losing oneself!
  6. Save more: This should be hardly a goal for me, since I am not an impulsive spender and, by God’s grace, I make enough money to not worry about anything I want to spend on honestly. However, I have recently made a big investment with my husband, so we need to be conscious of saving. I think the main lifestyle impact due to this would be on our traveling, since we are not going to cut down on day to day expenses, we would need to plan travels consciously, while earlier, it was just deciding on the whim.
  7. Personal Goal: This is something I am not comfortable sharing but I’ll work towards it with intent.

What does your 2023 vision board look like?

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6 thoughts on “My Goals for 2023

  1. To make my goals less intimidating I usually call them “intentions”, like something I will work towards throughout the year but without the pressure of “goals”! Good luck for working on them!

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