Monthly Favorites | January

I talked about my impulse to share about some things I am loving here & got some really good suggestions on how I can make it interesting. One of the suggestions by Moksha was to do monthly favorites like the YouTuber Sherry Shroff. A little interesting fact – I have loved Sherry’s monthly favorites videos […]

Monthly Favorites | January

3 thoughts on “Monthly Favorites | January

  1. I love the peanut-chocolate variant a lot of RiteBite (though do you also find it a little too sweet?). I usually gravitate towards Yoga Bar protein bars more.

    B&BW all fragrances are SO good – I love their candles, hand creams and body mists. But not repurchasing any since they aren’t sustainable! 😦

    Hope you keep doing monthly favourites!!

    • I actually didn’t like their peanut butter variant at all, coz it was more of a chocolate than a protein bar and i don’t like chewy chocolates, Twix or five star types. But i loved the fruits and seeds one more than its yoga bar counterpart. To be fair, i have tried very limited flavors in yoga bar

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