Things I mandatorily require in my friends’ weddings | Blogmas 4

Wedding season in India is in full swing, especially since 2020 was a dull year for many in this respect. Being a serial wedding attendee right now and having planned our own, I and the husband have carved out some serious principles on what makes us enjoy a wedding the most :D. This post is absolutely meant for fun, so feel free to add your principles

  1. If its a typical Indian wedding, it has to be an event outside of our base location: This is simple, it makes the event look more like a vacation.
  2. If the first is getting fulfilled, then it should be a two day or more affair (for full vacation vibes). otherwise I would rather have me traveling to various parts of Delhi NCR during peak wedding season only for a day please. I know I can stay over near to the wedding festivities if there are more days, but it just isn’t the same. When you are in an outstation wedding, there is an entire wedding party accompanying you there and the vibe just gets different.
  3. If it wasn’t clear until now, weekends would be great! I know I can take leaves for a close friend’s wedding, but weddings on weekdays mean some of your friends will not be on leave. Weekdays are the best as they ensure maximum attendees!
  4. Aside all this, I have not been to many day wedding events but I think an afternoon wedding party in Delhi winters would be so perfect! So if you are getting married in Delhi, here’s a good cue for you. 😀

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