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very impulsive decision to try Blogmas again this year. Please hype me up so that i stick to it.

I have often mentioned in passing in my blogs just how far I am from working out regularly. I almost never have a fitness plan and that truly sucks. There is nothing more important than health and this is something that all of us have come to appreciate more over this pandemic period. I am still far away from a rigorous workout routine, but a step in the right direction should always be appreciated. I did a stretch of complete one month of home workouts right before Diwali after which I slacked and now with winters stepping in I have become all the more lazy.

But one happy realisation out of all this is just how much more motivated I am for home workouts compared to gyms and all. Therefore, I am going to list down 3 home workout channels I ended up discovering and enjoying. Of course, please bear in mind that these are very popular channels and if you are even a tiny bit into working out, you would already know them, but maybe someone like me will be helped. 🙂 More importantly, please, please do leave your recommendations on home workout YouTube channels in the comments for me!

1. Mady Morrison My favorite on this list and probably the least popular among the ones listed. I am so lucky that she was the first suggestion in my searches, I had just randomly searched for a stretching video because of a back pain. The worst thing though? Apart from this particular stretching video and a few others, almost all of her content is in German. I have enjoyed her vibe the most while working out and her videos instantly bring me calm. I think I would just become okay with subtitles eventually, that’s how much I like her videos.

2. Growwithjo I don’t know anyone who makes workout seem as fun as Jo does. Honestly, i was a little skeptical to consider her videos as ‘proper workouts’ as they are just so chill but she keeps posting about these people who have benefited from her workout programs and it’s just motivating.

3. Madfit to be honest, despite it being so popular, it wasn’t the best for me. It felt a little too stern for my liking (and less calm), but the good thing is that they have a lot of content to choose from, and she gives quite some breaks in between the workouts which maybe a good thing for many beginners. I stuck it out with this one for sometime because Mady is not in English, but I am looking out for more options. So, do leave suggestions in comments please.

Aside from these, i also keep seeing Pamela Reif and Dhruvi Shah being mentioned by a lot of Indian instagrammers but I yet don’t have a strong good or bad opinion on those.

One thought on “3 home workout channels I am loving | Blogmas 1

  1. 1. I use mobile apps by Leap Fitness Group and 7 Minutes workout for home workouts.
    2. Was recommended FitnessBlender youtube channel by a friend.
    3. Would you like to try some motion games that would also make you move as a playful alternative to your fitness regimen? DM me and I will share some games you can try 🙂

    My friends and I had formalized a method to stay motivated and workout every day during the 1st lockdown. We created a WhatsApp group and used it to share updates of the activity we completed on a daily basis with others. This could be a screenshot of a run recorded on Strava or a home workout marked completed on a mobile app). These updates acted as a nudge for others encouraging them to also complete their activity. We did that for 2+ months and the routine got engrained in the lifestyle.

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