Small Joys

There’s a juice shop right below my parents condominium. In winters, we often go there in afternoons to get a glass of carrot juice each. Now this incident happened really long ago, I mean so long ago that I am sure it was pre-covid. I remember thinking at that time that this needs to go on the blog today itself. And here I am, posting about it today. 😀

When I went to the juice shop with my mom, two tiny kids who were rag picking were just passing by. I asked them to come over and have the juice. I can’t tell you the look of happiness I saw on their faces. I had tears in my eyes. I just somehow controlled myself so that it doesn’t get awkward. Their happiness was the sort of unadulterated one that makes it contagious honestly! And then, something even better happened, when I was paying the juice shop person, he didn’t charge me in full for their juices and actually gave the two kids a little extra than the standard glass. It’s like you did a tiny thing and the world joined you in making it ten thousand times better.

Living in India, you become so used to coming across the income disparity instances so often, well, ‘used to’ is not the right word because every instance in daily life makes you feel uncomfortable but more often than not, you just move on with your life. These tiny pockets maybe rare but it definitely made my day a whole lot brighter. Like I mentioned, this incident was definitely pre-covid and I still remember it so vividly because of the joy it brought!

4 thoughts on “Small Joys

  1. This made me smile so much! I too love to give some extra food to kids – usually it’s from the street stalls – cotton candy, or bhutta, or popcorn. It makes them happy and I love their smiles.

    • i am so, so thankful that you commented ❤ people who i follow from ages ago & vice -versa make me feel validated 🙂 i was a little scared while typing that it may come off as obnoxious.

  2. Mostly when I find ragpickers or similar kids, I give them something to eat. Sometimes while driving, there isn’t any option other than to provide some money. But, they seems happy with anything.
    I want to do more, but it’s out of my limit. Hopefully, someday I’ll.
    “Lost spring”

    Thanks for such wholesome post.

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