Thought I don’t want to miss out today

Why do extrovert or over enthusiastic people in a group never consider that maybe it’s not something to do with the
other person which doesn’t let them open up but something about them only that maybe repelling to the concerned person?

I am not an introvert at all, ambivert I guess, but wanted to put down this observation. I genuinely want to know when people are over enthusiastic in a group, are they seriously that excited or it’s just herd mentality? Or how you say – fitting in? My opinion – I do think people even at my age do a lot of things just to fit in (I am including myself in this judgement, but I also know where to draw the line, I will not do something just to fit in which I absolutely don’t relate to, even if it’s something I don’t find particularly offensive.

Do share your thoughts.

4 thoughts on “Thought I don’t want to miss out today

    • i agree depends on group dynamics, but then there would be very few (or small in size) groups only where you can truly be yourself and still not feel uncomfortable. and this is coming from me who is generally okay to talk to new people (even though i will only forge deep relationships when the connect is natural).

  1. I see this when someone who doesn’t booze acts as if he toxicant among the group of boozers. So that he gets his recognition and try hard to prove that he is one among the many in the herd 😂

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