Days in Home Isolation | 3

The title makes no sense as we haven’t stepped out from home since I don’t even remember when. Only for mom’s medicines.

Today Rahul and I both tested negative and both are running high fevers and cough. Doc has mentioned that it’s a false negative. The good thing is that we don’t have to isolate in separate rooms now (which is why the title change) and can manage food etc better. Although I do miss my isolation coz then I was less bothered about messiness around the house.

Another family member is critical and I am just Hoping that all this is over soon & he comes back home sound and safe.

5 thoughts on “Days in Home Isolation | 3

  1. It’s easier said than done, but ‘Stay Strong’, as you’ve ever been ! I’m sure, this period will pass, too – paving way for a brighter tomorrow. Take lots of fluids and have good rest 💐

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