Blogmas Day 2 | December Rains

I have never been a rains person, you know the kinds who get excited about rains and rainy season. But if it’s a rainy day where I don’t have to get out of the house, then I do start enjoying the rains. The idea of just savoring the good looking skies with a mug of your favorite hot beverage in hand and doing the cosy things you love doing. The tip tap outside the window also feels very calming and adds to the cosiness.

It rained in Surat today and the fact that a North Indian like me would least expect rains in December added to the unexpectedness and therefore the sudden change in skies uplifted my mood so much! Rains are known to bring a sense of general gloom to people, as compared to, say, sunshine but it worked quite the opposite way for me today. I guess because a)it wasn’t raining since a long time, it was the first time rains happened after 3-4 months , b) I didn’t need to step out.

Whatever it was , it made me happier. I shot this small video of my work situation while in the balcony.

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