On taking up space

These days I have begun to make a note of things I would later write on, on the blog. This is one topic I thought of really long ago when I noticed it in a colleague. I have been meaning to write about it since then.

Be warned that this may not go anywhere by the end, I expect interactive comments which actually may help me align my thoughts. 🙂

So, as I was saying, some people (as in their personality) take up a lot of space. They don’t realize how much they are invading the general public space of a social setting (does that make sense?) & how much they might be invading someone’s personal space. Now I sit here & wonder that if this feels uncomfortable to me, someone who is not even a quiet or introverted person around, then just how much more uncomfortable would it be making the shy/introvert people. I see that people are habitual of talking loudly, coming too close while talking or question others without realizing their rudeness. Now if you talk to someone at work about me, you may feel that even I tend to get rude with people, e.g. when I am chasing for something since long, or when i detect lies, but that’s that. I am so conscious of being in someone else’s space physically at work. So, I definitely do not come close while talking etc.

Now where am I going with this? As I said, nowhere really. I would actually like your thoughts to help me get somewhere. But my key point remains that if some of us are so conscious about our work behaviour, then why do some others do not even give a flying f*ck about the invasion they may be causing!

6 thoughts on “On taking up space

    • totally agree. although this post was inspired by someone who does it innocently & usually doesn’t mean any harm, but the very fact that they don’t realize it was very interesting to me. i mean it made me think why am i so conscious of my behavior with ppl at work then 🙂 maybe i can let loose a bit

  1. People invade other people’s spaces out of a number of reasons.

    Some out of entitlement (out of their position or even age), some out of sheer habit and a personality that was never taught to respect other people’s boundaries.

    Your noticing it is an indication that you value boundaries (both yours and others) and that is key in becoming a person who knows how to take care of yourself while respecting others around.

    I hope I made some sense.

    Isn’t it amazing how the posts we often consider random are the ones that hold deep thoughts in them?

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