161 | The Proposal | Talking about my Wedding | #2

I am beginning to write this on 21.11.2018. By the time it goes live on the blog, it would have been at least 4 months. Around a couple of days before 21.11.2018, I realized that this needs to be logged on the blog immediately (everything does, but this even more so and you will know why by the end of this post). I’ll be publishing this post some day after I am already married which at this point seems likely to be happening in April, 2019. Till then, this post will happily sit in my drafts!

Rahul was flying down to Bangalore for my birthday. (I hope by the time this post goes live our long distance is over!). He had made a nice, fancy dinner plan for the two of us. I didn’t think much of it because I am always nagging him that we never make any fancy plans. (Truth is its not just him, its me also. We are both the kind of lazy people who end up just chilling in the name of fun instead of doing something fancy or adventurous. But I like to put the blame on him conveniently). So, I thought he is just trying to make up for the lack of our fancy plans, simply because its my birthday. I didn’t even think remotely of there being anything more to it.

Then, there were few other plans which I had in mind for the next couple of days and based on other friends’ convenience, I was trying to figure out if we could switch that dinner plan. He was hell bent on not altering that plan and Rahul is absolutely the kind of chilled out guy who is never hell bent on stuff, unless it really makes a difference. So, is there something more to the dinner plan that makes a difference? I thought and then shrugged it off again with the same logic that since its my birthday and if its not made special enough, I’ll crib about it for the rest of our lives. This logic is very valid, by the way, because Rahul does a lot of things which he can later point out in fights that look, you think I don’t do xyz, but see I did it at so & so point! πŸ˜€ So, anyhow, I didn’t pay much attention to this suspicion that had risen inside my brain. Then, one day, he very casually mentioned that since we are going to a fancy place and I know you like dressing as chilled out as possible while having fun, I am telling you now itself that try dressing fancy because we hardly ever go to fancy places. At least we should dress fancily sometimes. Now, this was surprising. Rahul does not bother at all if I am at my chilled out best even in a really fancy place. This definitely gave me a lot of logic to think that there’s more to the evening than just my birthday.

The day of his arrival came. I was super excited to just see him, and I really didn’t have any space in my mind left to guess about what the evening holds. I was way too excited to just see him! We were meeting after 3 months post my assignment in Dubai, as I was there on a mission visa and I couldn’t travel out of the country during that. We went to this place called By The Blue in Bangalore, which is nice by the way as a place but its kind of too silent which starts to feel creepy at night if other people do not arrive quickly :D. They do have good food I feel! Anyway, we were enjoying our food and loads and loads of talks. Now I could totally see that Rahul is buying time to keep seated there as much as possible instead of us simply leaving as we were long done! Which, again, I thought to be perfectly alright because he might have wanted to get the birthday cake at 12 being cut at that place only. Hence, I just went along.

In the midst of all the talking, I didn’t realize when the clock struck 12. Now, this is the point where you know why this post needed to be recorded on the blog absolutely. Despite all the hints mentioned above, I was totally shocked/surprised/too dazed to react/frozen brain/embarrassed/confused/overemotional/nervous that I have no clear memory of what exactly ensued. Everything is just a big, huge blur. I do not remember when it hit me either. Was it after the song started that he asked the hotel guys to play? Or was it after looking at the ‘Will you marry me’ cake? I definitely do remember that as soon as the song’s tune started, I knew it’s a proposal song (maybe I had heard it somewhere before). And I do think that the cake arrived afterwards. But, really, I am not sure. And, then, as soon as, I began to realize that he is going down on one knee, I became so conscious of the fact that there are so many people around and I don’t want him to go down on one knee in front of these random people. Thankfully, I realized that I cannot make him stand by force so I simple covered both sides of my face with my hands and started saying in an alarming manner – get up, get up, get up, don’t do this! Hahahaha, sounds so silly now. Since Rahul was also pretty nervous (and I am sure it does take a lot of guts to go down on one knee to propose in front of so many people, especially if you are the kind of simple person who doesn’t get the deal with proposals and is probably doing it to avoid future nagging :D), so I was saying, since Rahul was also pretty nervous and he saw the panic in my voice, he quickly just put the ring in my finger and got up and we hugged. Then, he went to the hotel guy who had helped him plan it out while he was still in Mumbai to ask about the video that he had asked the hotel guys to make for the proposal. Shock, horror, gasp! Apparently the guy was playing the song, so he had no way to make a video. Even though he had told Rahul very confidently that ‘everything will be taken care of’. On that day, we were having so many emotions in our heads that it probably didn’t hit us much but gradually it has hit us badly that since it was all a blur because of the overflow of emotions and there isn’t a video, with time, its going to get even more blurry. Hence, I should log it down on the blog as soon as possible.

And that, my friends, is the story of my proposal. Oh, and, thankfully I was sane enough to take a picture of the cake. πŸ™‚

WhatsApp Image 2019-06-09 at 6.48.33 PMWhatsApp Image 2019-06-09 at 6.48.33 PM (1)

7 thoughts on “161 | The Proposal | Talking about my Wedding | #2

  1. The best part of the story was for me the thing where the restaurant guy says I missed out on taking the video..Reruns of moments only make you feel the need to go to back to them to rekindle things maybe..sadly in days like ours now, we have so many memories to which force us to look through them, rather than make some totally new ones..I know he missed capturing it not from an ideological point of view but due to inefficiency..but I would have saved him from Rahul’s wrath with the above reasoningπŸ˜‹

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