151|Talking about my Wedding|#1

Yes, as some reading my past posts figured, I am married. Those of you who follow me on Instagram also know. For the longest time, I have been meaning to write down about my wedding and things in general leading up to my marriage and afterwards. In fact, I wanted to start writing about the wedding bit before it happened itself. As it always happens with Indian weddings though, there is a lot on your plate to handle, especially if you are anything like me – too involved in every decision – you simply do not see a moment to sit back and write. Moreover, I had just joined a new job 2 months before my wedding which is very hectic.

So, here we are now. My job hasn’t got any less hectic, but something else has happened: Even when I was in the moment of the wedding, I could feel just how quickly everything is happening, I was almost thinking what’s the point of buying this wedding lehnga when you barely wear it for a couple of hours. 😛 And, now, our wedding pictures have come which I am finding extremely unsatisfactory (compared to my expectations). Especially because we had a hill wedding, a dream quite difficult to fulfill, and to know that the location hasn’t been utilized nicely in pictures by the photographer is more than quite a bummer.

So, even though I have quite a lot of pending office work right now, I am just starting off writing about my wedding as much as possible because it even felt like a blur when it was happening and I am scared of the pictures. I want to document each & every detail on the blog.

Looking forward 🙂

12 thoughts on “151|Talking about my Wedding|#1

  1. Congratulations! What are you talking about? You look so beautiful! Saw your instagram pictures too. Both of you look great. We hardly ever take out our wedding pictures. Both of us hate them. Mine was old style photo-session, looks so staged, don’t even feel like watching. And for me also wedding was a blur. Don’t remember anything.
    I agree about the lehenga part. I use my lehenga though, I wear it on Karva Chouth every year. So the minimalist in me saves the unnecessary new dress for the Karva Chouth, while making use of what I already have which has tremendous emotional value because there’s a story behind how we found my perfect lehenga 🙂

  2. Congratulations!

    Lovely pictures, Srishty! You’re looking so pretty.

    I agree the lehnga can be quite an investment and it’s best to wear it whenever you get an opportunity. Family weddings and festivals are a great opportunity for the same.

  3. Thank you, ME😊😊 I do feel I would love re-wearing it as I always do with outfits. Already worn it once more and it hasn’t been an year yet!

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