4 | A day full of shopping

How’s that for a heading? The thing is I haven’t shopped in an unabashed manner from a physical store in quite some time. First of all, I mostly shop online because of the discounts. Second, if I am shopping in store, there’s mostly a target in mind. Today was nothing different. I did have a target in mind, but once that didn’t get fulfilled, I ended up liking few things in the ongoing sale that will be good for me to have.

I do love just taking my own time and decide after proper deliberating as to what I want to buy and whether I am getting a good deal or not. I really, really enjoyed it. And I’m a happy camper back home!

You see, as it was a Friday, I was thinking of doing a nice Friday’s list post today, but got tired and it totally slid off my mind.

Just for the record, I got some nice kurtas from this brand called Soch. I am very happy with the purchases today. 😀

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