1 | New Year Resolution


Hello there! Welcome to the year 2019!

I am very excited as there are a lot of new things happening in my life which will materialize in 2019, so really looking forward to that. (And to new year in general).

But, amidst all this, what remains unchanged is my itch to be consistent on the blog (which I never manage to fulfill). So, I have only one new year resolution – to blog every day in this year. A lot is happening so this seems like a difficult resolution to keep especially in this year, however, I am going to try with all sincerity.

Let’s see how this goes. πŸ™‚

Now, tell me your resolution?

Or, or, what you are doing today?

6 thoughts on “1 | New Year Resolution

  1. I have written blogs in past and I know how difficult it is to write something even once in every month.

    As you said above this is going to be really tough but if you manage to write even half of the days, it would be a decent attempt.

    All the best for fulfilling your resolution πŸ™‚

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