Want your thoughts!

You are too volatile. You are such an over thinker. You are unstable. You get angry so quickly.

Well, absolutely not saying that being any of that is any good. However, if you are so calm, stable, always balanced, super rational, then does that make you less passionate compared to the likes of me?

True, you will not hate unabashedly, you will not unleash anger all ofย  a sudden (and beyond repair, of course!), but would you love as fiercely as the likes of me either?

Would appreciate your thoughts on this, all of you reading it. ๐Ÿ™‚

4 thoughts on “Want your thoughts!

  1. I would consider these qualities not absolute in nature and more contextual.

    So it okay to be volatile, over thinker, unstable, confused, ambiguous, uncertain, dissillusioned, or get angry so quickly.

    And it’s also okay to be calm, stable, balanced or super rational, sorted or clear-headed.

    It is the context and the timing of where one is what that matters.

  2. Its a question which we will ponder over at some point…and whilst I am much more secure about my characteristics ( Yeah…took time to realise that I am Perfect- God’s gift to Mankind).. I somehow feel, we exhibit both types of behaviour at different times, under different circumstances. So, a super calm, fun and sober guy can become a fiercely jealous lover at other times! And…a passionate, volcanic person might become cool as menthol under certain circumstances.. what say?

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