Remembering Lake Bled

You know what I dislike the most about places? When they are underrated as hell. Sure, it helps a great deal to keep them tidy, untouched, beautiful and, most importantly, unpolluted. I know this is a great thing in the bigger picture that less people know about a special place. However, I get this huge itch when people are planning their holiday in a really popular place, say, the Swiss Alps and they don’t even know about its close neighbour – Slovenia. This really tiny country nestled between Austria, Italy, Croatia & Hungary is culturally a sister to Croatia. It’s actually pretty surprising that for such a small country, they have beaches, mountains, gorges & what not. One such beauty is Lake Bled in Slovenia.

I was working in Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia, for 6 months. That’s when I got to know about the lake Bled in Slovenia, a spot this country is really proud of. These days, every now & then, I keep coming across Instagram posts by travellers going to this beautiful place, however, I had never heard of it until then. Heck, I got to know about Slovenia only when I interviewed for that internship, so, well.

To say that the lake Bled in Slovenia is straight from a fairy tale would be an understatement. If there ever was a run up for the most beautiful & enthralling fairy tale, lake Bled in Slovenia can be an easy top contender.


With its 16th century Church on an island right in the middle of the lake, where a bell rings every now & then, this place is hauntingly beautiful and, of course, straight out of your whimsical dreams. Not to mention, the beautiful, little markets in this tiny town selling all sorts of whimsies.


If you ever see yourself at the lake Bled in Slovenia, one thing you cannot miss is the famous cream cake of Bled or Kremna Rezina or ‘Kremsnita’. It is a dessert worth its salt & I have had a good share of it, not just at lake Bled, but also when my colleague’s mother used to make & send it for the whole office. What a wonderful thing to be recalled of while writing this post! ❤ So, where was I? Yes, Kremsnita. Do not miss it at any cost. Just now while I was Google-ing the cake’s Slovene name as I had forgotten, I got to know that the most famous one in Bled is from the Park Hotel. So, take your pick.

Only regret – my pictures do not do justice to the beauty this place is.



I am also currently doing a 30 day series of the pictures I took in Slovenia on my Instagram.

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