10 thoughts on “A Paris Story

  1. I was always fascinated by Paris (since childhood) but I never thought I’ll actually get a chance to visit it someday. When I got the chance I couldn’t believe (yeah, even after planning the trip myself) and almost cried at the airport #drama. This city has a charm that is so hard to escape and most of the times you wouldn’t be able to tell what you loved the most. Loved your pictures! ❤ xx

    xx Aditi
    Diary of a Cusp | Paris – A First Timers’ Guide

  2. Ah! I know it sounds very cliche but Paris for whatsoever reason has been on my bucket list for long. I think it is the influence of “Da Vinci Code” more than anything. The way museums are detailed in Dan Brown’s books really make you wanna go there! 😁

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