19 thoughts on “A Day in Amsterdam

  1. Great post with great tips! Thank you for saying it: Amsterdam will never be one of those over-rated cities. I’ve been there three times and I keep wanting to go back.

  2. Really well written post about Amsterdam..
    I wasn’t really interested at all in it before but had no idea about things like the red light district – thats exciting lol on the othet hand
    , I think the Marijuana thing is a bit of a turn off…that whole idea makes me uncomfortable.

      • I have no idea why you are there 😉 Contacts bole toh kafi log hain. My own sister lived and worked in Copenhagen for a couple of years- toh shaayad she could be of use. Bolo kya karna hai udhar and I will see what I can do 😉 But of course, IGIA se mere liye daaru ki bottle laani hogi 😉

  3. Damn, I wish you had posted this a week ago. I would not have purchased the ticket I did. I was dilly-dallying between a ticket that had a layover of over 18 hours in Amsterdam and a ticket that would take me much quicker. I decided on the latter wondering if 15 odd hours in Amsterdam was worth getting a Schengen Visa for.

    Really enjoyed the trivia on coffee shops and buildings with hooks. :’)

  4. You should have stayed a few more days!! Visited Netherlands country side too!
    Tulip gardens, windmills, cheese making farms, fishing towns etc. Netherlands is WOW. I really love that country.
    Please temme you had a lot of fries? One of my fav things about Amsterdam! 🙂

  5. Pictures are, as always, beautiful! We have a customer ship in Netherlands and my colleagues go there for installation and maintenance whenever it is docked or at the plant. I am so J!
    I find the coffee shop bit super interesting. I have had the special brownies before and it was the longest day everrrr spent in the lab. All of us were simply staring at each other wide eyed. Outside the lab, was way better. Haha

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