Little Women | New Beginnings

Hello World!

I hope there’s someone out there still reading the posts on this blog. I have a lot of excuses as to why I did not post, but that’s what they are. Excuses. However, they are valid ones.

The most relevant one being me quitting the job because I got through the B-School I was awaiting results of. Most of you would know that B-Schools are very rigorous and people don’t get time for anything other than , umm, study? I am still in my chilled out phase mentally, i.e. I am yet to accept the fact that I am expected to work this hard, but physically I am too occupied to sit down peacefully and write a post. As time passes, the pressure here is only going to increase. Hence, the frequency of posts on Life of Srish is going to decrease for a while, you know about my self-imposed rule of doing posts with pictures as much as possible. Since there is no time to click pictures, I don’t want to compromise on the way I want my posts to be. However, in whatever posts I publish, if you see any difference in the quality, please, please send me an email or write in the comments about it.

Oh, also, I may do back to back book reviews for sometime, hope that’s okay? Just felt like getting done with writing about all the books that I have read in 2015 so far.


Finally, coming to the 4th book that I read in 2015. The much acclaimed and a forever classic, ‘Little Women’. It’s a story of 4 sisters and other people in their lives and how everyone grows as a person due to their experiences and the support from their loved ones. I have heard so many people being in love with it. I think I now understand why. This can be a childhood favorite easily. The process of reading it I did not enjoy so much because I probably read it in the wrong age. However, people who have read it as kids still love to read it, nostalgia maybe?

The best part about Little Women is that it makes you learn a lot of things in life and not in a suffocating way. It tells you how to be thankful for things in life and how to help others as much as you can since everyone has something to offer. The lessons are very much valid for adults, in fact, especially more for adults because as we grow, we start to take things for granted.


It is a beautiful book which fills you with a warm feeling. I did not enjoy the reading process a lot probably because it was aimed at kids. I think people should make kids in their family definitely read this one. It would be one of the good ways to make them learn some genuinely relevant life lessons through the means of a cute story.

PS: I clicked these pictures the day I was moving in to hostel so that I have pictures for at least 1 post when at hostel. 😛

7 thoughts on “Little Women | New Beginnings

  1. I loved these series so much that I went & bought the sequels to it as well! How did you enjoy reading this? One of those few books where the sequels aren’t dilute but almost as good as the first one 🙂

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