Green & Lean by Michael Matthews


So, this one day, when I finished my second book of 2015, I was looking to read something but none of the books that I have. Hence, I started browsing free books on Google books and came across this! 🙂

Michael Matthews has written a lot of books on topics like healthy eating and muscle training. I think this book is a mini version of his book ‘Eat Green Get Lean’ which has 100 vegetarian and vegan recipes for building muscles, getting lean and staying healthy. This mini version has 20 such recipes.

The book begins with general information sharing by the author regarding what is good for our health and building muscles. This is then followed by the 20 recipes. The information bit was my favorite part because I was happy to see that I knew most of the things mentioned there already. I don’t follow any of them, that is a different story. Still, it is good to know that I am aware of things. Actually, I come across a LOT of adults who have really shocking misconceptions about diets, healthy food etc. Sometimes its just unbelievable! Yes, it’s that bad. So, I was happy to know that I could relate to knowing a lot of things. The author has shared such simple things that it is too easy to understand how to avoid processed food and how to simplify your choices for eating healthy.

The part that was less engaging were the recipes. Reason – they used quite a many store-bought ingredients. Maybe its the norm in foreign countries but I think it was ingrained in my head while reading the introduction that lots of fresh ingredients will be used. However, the recipes are really, really simple and seem to be delicious too.

It’s such a short book, you can totally consider reading this one!

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