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I wrote about my cousin sister here. Her nature and her practicality can be an inspiration for most of us and I am not saying it because she is my sister. If you knew her, you would know what I mean. She makes sure that she makes the most of what she has, lives in the present and tries to live each day. She is so accommodating that I have grown up watching her adjust to whatever small challenges life keeps throwing like its nothing. If she wants to meet you or you want to meet her, she will try figuring a way to visit you without bothering about things like whether you visited her earlier or not. Since she got married, she makes sure that she keeps visiting her parent’s city whenever she wants to without considering insignificant factors like company available to go with her etc. She understands that she may have added responsibilities eventually so better make every day count.

What is my point?

My grandfather passed away yesterday morning. My mom is in a miserable state because she feels guilty of not being able to visit him since a long time. She feels sad that she had to move to Delhi (both my parents had a previous office transfer in the same city where my maternal grandparents live, basically my mom’s maiden home). Along with the grief of losing her father, I think a major part of her sadness is constituted by the fact that she did not visit him since some time. My mom is very sincere about her work and I cannot remember the last time she took more than 2 leaves together. Except, when we go on a trip or to visit relatives (for both of them we have to force her mostly). About this particular visit that we are talking, there were other reasons for which she did not want to go apart from skipping work, she thinks that it hampers other people’s routines as my grandparents have a joint family. I am not sure if I am being immature, but we should just do what we want to. What others think governs our lives and then we suffer. I am sitting here and typing away this but I know I am a lot like my mom in these things. I hope you are not. Apart from this, she is also the kind of person who feels guilty about doing anything leisurely. If what she does, does not count as work in any way, she feels kind of guilty about it and considers it a waste of time. What’s so wrong in having a bit of time to just chill around?

This post is basically a reminder to all of us who are reading this to live everyday to the fullest. Bother about less insignificant things, live each moment more and have lesser regrets. We can use the example of the person I mentioned in the first paragraph.

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10 thoughts on “Live every day to the fullest | Monday Mumbles 14

  1. So sorry about your loss. But an excellent topic for discussion…it has got me thinking how I am and I think I’m more like you and your mom … In the end, the people of the “what will people think” are not really going to do much when we realize it’s too late. Only we have to live with the decisions we made so might as well choose wisely.

  2. There is hope for womenkind afterall 👏👏 Men have stopped being sensible long time back.
    I know nobody who lives as she/he preaches but of course, even I am not very disciplined either. But sometime back, I met this sadhu-type person on mathura railway station after having missed the train n waiting for next. He started a conversation, and it was amazing. He was an engineer from kerala, in his 50s, n roaming the country for over 5years with his jhola n lathi. Spoke great english n made sense. Asked what about people back home, to which he replied, ” i know only where I am at this moment, and it is not with them. Why should my mind be?”

    • That is a personal choice, he doesn’t want to be attached fair enough, and probably better than being attached, but people who are attached should at least try to meet people they want to and not have regrets later.

  3. I am so sorry to hear about your grandfather Srish.
    I know what you mean. I do that a lot too. I keep thinking about others and I am always a workaholic. The past one year was a testing time for me. I didn’t have a steady job, I didn’t clear the exam I wrote, and I realised that a lot of things are not in my control and I should not try to. Instead I should go with the flow and enjoy every moment as I do.

  4. well said…but then again, our fears and insecurities come in our way to enjoying life to the fullest…what if this happened…what if that doesnt materialise…”what if”…those 2 words are lethal

  5. Sad to hear about your granddad. I can understand your mom’s loss and feelings of guilt. It’s very hard to deal with especially if one has not been as much in touch with a loved one.

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