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India is a place of mesmerizing chaos. Sounds clichéd but it is that. India is so full of places, vintage and modern, urban and rural, that can send your senses on a journey unexpected. Even those who have lived here their entire lives. No matter where you live, you will know few places that are chaotic but still enticing and even though they are difficult to roam around in, you like the charm of these places. Share those places in the comments section. 🙂

I had India in my mind when I wrote this but I am sure these places are there in other parts of the world too, even though most parts are less culturally diverse and less populated. So, if you are reading this but you are from somewhere outside India, consider answering this. 🙂

My answer: 

Well, Delhi has endless places like these. There are numerous places where modern meets Mughal Delhi and it is captivating as hell. One such place I can think right now is Chandni Chowk in Old Delhi. I think this was built as part of Shahjahan’s Delhi when every architecture was all prim & proper and beautiful. This place is in a very poor state today as far as infrastructure is concerned, but it houses a huge, huge market of bridal wear & other wedding shopping. A market that garners unexpectedly high turnovers every year, or rather, every minute with the shops in the dark alleys of Chandni Chowk doing huge business. The place also is famous for its cult favorite food joints which have been here since forever and are still loved like nobody’s business! The place gets its touch of modern by the Delhi metro and the McDonald’s outlets open here but how much we would wish that nothing new is introduced here but whatever is already there gets back its glory!

12 thoughts on “Those chaotic places |Monday Mumbles 13

  1. Loved your desciption of today’s chandni chowk. I am from Ambala and stayed in Gurgaon and Noida for long, these days on a project work to US.

    I can relate Chandni Chowk to Jagadhri Gate in Ambala, though not as populous.

  2. I think Pune as a city is a huge mix of old and new, culture and modern times. You will find the most cosmopolitan youngsters draping up 9 yard sarees, nath or kurta pyjamas for ganpati puja darshan. Camp area is a huge mix of old Irani bakeries and traditional rasois and world cuisines with highly purebred(lol!) Maharashtrians and Parsi bawas or Catholics coming together. You will spot an old couple or a young bunch strolling equally at ease. There are very old schools dripping of nostalgia. There are some major fashion hotspots and a number of small tapris selling trinkets and osho chappals thanks to the nearby Osho ashram. Despite the chaos, there is a very calming aura about Camp, East street and Main Street.

  3. Srishty for me being banglorian its few places in Banglore for now.. Mainly MG Road in weekends…. With lot of chaos.. Still a good place to roam in. Avenue Road which is a book hub. SP road for electronic gadgets.. There are lot.. Like every metro city of India. Banglore has shades of varied culture and place. We have Marath halli (white field) an IT hub. On d other side its Kalasipalya a worst slum area..

  4. Calcutta anyone? People coming to the city for the first time say…it is an old city… has its shortcomings…but it does have its charm! 🙂

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