QD’s, North Campus, Delhi University | Tandoori Momos & all that jazz

You know those places in a city which are known for a special something? If you live in Delhi, you know about QD’s, thanks to the frenzy around ‘Tandoori Momos’ since the past few years.

I am a complete momos person (I need to mend my unhealthy ways but that story is for another day). Momos roasted in a tandoor? Let the fun begin!


I had visited this place around 4 years back and fallen head over heels in love with the tandoori momos. This place is very far from where I live, work or have studied. So, I went there again today after 4 years but did not enjoy the momos as much. I am not sure what has changed (apart from the stark increase in food coloring). Or maybe something has changed about my taste only. 😛 They are definitely worth a try anyway.

I love the fact that this place has a hell lot of things on the menu and a separate menu for desserts & innovative drinks. The peanut butter and nutella shake is calling out to me for the next visit! ❤ The food is mostly Indo-Chinese which is, frankly, available on every nook and corner of India now (not counting the hygiene factor because I usually eat irrespective of that concern :P, talk about unhealthy ways! ) but the fact that there is so much variety under one single roof is an important one. Their Zomato menu shows North Indian food as well but I am not sure if Zomato’s menu is an old one or I missed it.


We tried the mixed veg in Schezwan sauce with noodles and I liked it a lot. Note that I am not even a big fan of chowmein but I liked these ones quite a lot. They were kind of crunchy, like pan-fried ones and not super soft like most noodles are. The mixed veg in Schezwan sauce was beyond lovely. I mean, it isn’t like you are missing out on anything if you don’t try it, but the experience of having it was really good. It was mild, comforting but spicy, all at the same time. I should also mention here that the helping of veggies in the sauce was really good for the price, I have tried this dish at few fine dining restaurants and the helping was comparable, if not more. Lots of mushrooms, broccoli (for those who like it) and the usual gang.


We also tried their fruit beer and this innovative drink called ‘Black Manga’. Fruit beer was sweeter than other places and I liked it. My best friend liked the other drink, it’s fun to try their various experimental drinks!


We ended it with this huge, huge glass of ice-cream, it doesn’t look huge enough in the picture. It was an assortment of vanilla, strawberry, jelly and fruits. It was a regular ice-cream, if you have tasted Giani’s fruit salad(or Sundae?) one, this is the same. I am not a big dessert person, so I don’t have much to say anyway.

In my opinion, this place should definitely feature on your must visit list, even if you can get similar food elsewhere and here’s why:

What I liked:

  1. It is very affordable! Considering how Delhi’s food scene is getting exorbitantly expensive, this would fall on the cheaper side although they have almost doubled the prices since my last visit 4 years ago.
  2. They have a huge variety of Indo-Chinese food and innovative smoothies and drinks.
  3. The service is super fast.

What I didn’t like:

  1. Tandoori Momos, their claim to name and fame, did not feel just as good as they were 4 years ago, not sure if it has got something to do with me or them!

We visited this place because my best friend is trying to stay away from ‘outside’ food since past two weeks, so he thought he deserved this. 😛 He was extremely satisfied and happy with the visit. 🙂

So, when are you going?

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