That one place you can’t wait for | Monday Mumbles 11


Raise your hands if you waited for Monday Mumbles, yo! (Can see people rolling eyes and thinking we don’t give a damn).

Today’s question is a very simple one.

Which is that one place you definitely want to visit as a traveler? That one place you would visit if there was only one place you can travel to in this life? (Notice the ‘as a traveler’, it isn’t about where you want to live, just travel and visit).

My answer:

Unlike most things in life, I am not confused about this. I want to visit Benaras / Varanasi / Kashi. All the pictures that I have seen of this place call out to me. I want to visit and observe the people – the sari weavers, the sages, the people moving in and out of ghats and temples, the people chilling at different corners discussing politics and what not. I want to see where this city gets its spirit from. 

I think the only place that would have given a tough competition to Benaras in terms of my answer is Rajasthan. Thankfully enough, I have visited some cities in Rajasthan what with it being one of my hometowns and my school trips to Bikaner, Jodhpur, Jaisalmer (aah!). So, yes, Benaras for now before I start getting double-minded about it and Rajasthan.

Tell me your answers! Which place would that be?

If you want to ask or share anything, please drop me an email at and that would be up as the next Monday Mumbles.

24 thoughts on “That one place you can’t wait for | Monday Mumbles 11

      • Haha! Not just that! Designer fashion toh I will get anywhere now. Mumbai-Pune-LA. And what’s the point. Lovely handbags, but all leather. Sheesh.
        London is so so so awesome! And I want to go to King’s cross. Platform 9 3/4. Harry Potter reference. 😀

        • oh shit! the reason I wrote that comment failed, i missed *me. because you want to buy designer stuff for *me from there 😀 lol! and yeah, i know, all leather or fur. but i am not much into all this designer stuff anyway, i dont get the deal, maybe i have seen enough fakes here in Delhi that they have stopped enticing me 😛 😀 yet to be bitten by the designer bug!
          i have not watched/read harry potter but can’t wait for you to be in London and go all fan-girl! hashtag – PBgoeslondon

          • Haha! Princess goes to see the queeeeen!
            Even I am not into designer brands. I rarely buy anything beyond my budget. Most of my shopping is from forever 21 or H&M which are very standard brands here. Sometimes Gap and Banana Republic when there are sales specially for work clothes. One thing I obsessively splurge for are Victoria’s Secret stuff. They did a bad thing for me by elevating my VS loyalty credit card status. Ugh.

            • still on f21 and H&M? you are so young at heart PB 😀 😀 VS aint cruelty-free either, why God why!! 😦

              On Tue, Mar 24, 2015 at 10:56 PM, Life of Srish wrote:


              • I have to ask you one thing. I have this thIng that bothers me. When I see Indian fashion websites or some blogs where they post skin tips or hair tips, there are pictures of foreign models and all are caucasian girls. I wish they used actual Indian girls for the fashion or if they claim to be global, then a good mix of models(Hispanic, African, native Indian, Asian). There is specially this super famous makeup blog by a power couple who have a lot of contributors. It bothers me a li’l that the posts on skin, hair and makeup use google pics of white girls.

                • well, yes, they should use pictures of women of different regions, but I am not sure what’s the question here? Are you asking me what I think about that power couple’s blog or this issue in general or something else that I am not able to get? Also, how did this question occur to you after our previous comments? 😛

                  On Wed, Mar 25, 2015 at 9:33 PM, Life of Srish wrote:


                  • I don’t know. We were talking about cruelty free and all that. And today I was reading a post. And it struck to me that I have always wondered why they use googled pics of white chicks only. And online shopping websites too. It just feeds the nation’s obsession for white skin. So I was wondering what do you think about it.

                    • aah, ok. They should be using pictures from different cultures, that’s a given. But at the same time, these advertisers are people like you and me, they want their money, they’ll do jo bikta hai. Of course, they should understand the skew they are nurturing and work towards curbing it but at the same time, normal people need to awaken to the fact that white is not necessarily beautiful and people need to stop putting things like ‘chahie gori ladki’ etc on matrimonial sites.

  1. Hiiiii srishty! Long time 😀
    The one trip I DEFINITELY want to make is the Kailash-Mansarovar yatra! I am so looking forward to find the right company to start training and registering for the trip!!! I know a family friend who has been on this trip and I’ve seen the pictures and I was stumped. Wwow! Never seen anything so breathtakingly beautiful. 🙂

  2. I would love to travel the region of Kashi, Allahabad, lucknow, kanpur etc. I named 4 cities together but they are in proximity and can be traveled in one trip… If I get a second chance, my choice would be bengal.

    Actually, I love crowded places which smell the old culture still surviving. Bengal is so classic; you get a feel of 1800s again; people who have traveled to Kolkata will agree with me

  3. That’s a very difficult question to answer. There are so many places that I want to go to, and some that I know I will never go. I guess one answer is South America. I would love to do the Machu Pichu hike, or even a road trip from Peru to Chile.

  4. Srishtyyy hi 😀 ,
    Till I click a pic of me in Santorini with a baby bump, it will be my dream destination! There are loads of places I want to visit but Santorini tops the list. I have been roaming around India a lot and I think I will reserve the rest for my vanaprastha! 😉
    Shruti Di 😀

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