6 most annoying types of people in metro | Friday’s List

20141212_2156001 I know that none of you ever imagined Friday’s List as this, a post about rants or annoying people. 😀 It must have been imagined as a value addition kind of post, where you either add things to your bucket lists or get to know about few tips/tricks. But here it is, a Friday’s List about people I hate in the metro! 😀

  1. The queue breakers: Well, they are at number 1 for a reason. I hate them the most. So much so that if it wasn’t ethically & lawfully wrong, I would have loved dragging them on the floor and beating the f*ck out of them. I know it sounds outrageous but that’s how badly I hate them. There are two kinds, the ones who are unabashed, one woman actually told me this, “I don’t care if you call me shameless, I am okay being shameless than wait in the queue”, and the ones who try to act all innocent – “oh! I didn’t realize there’s a queue!” Oh my God. I wish I could slap you.
  2. The ‘gluesomes’: These are the ones who will come and stick to you even if there was enough space for a hundred people! I mean wow!
  3. The weight-putters: These are an improved version of point 2. They will not only stick to you, but also make sure that the weight of either their back or thighs or something is on you. Like, take your own support people.
  4. The high maintenance people: These are the ones who will act all sophisticated and will roll their eyes if someone asks them to accommodate them on the seat. Now, I know most of you will disagree with me and say that if a seat is meant for 7 people, why would I want to stuff 9 people in there. Here’s my logic – In a country overflowing with people, it’s better to seat as many people as possible even with a little discomfort to each of them, so that maximum possible people are seated and the ones standing are also able to stand more comfortably. So, if it only takes a little bit of adjustment, it’s fine instead of rolling those eyes!
  5. The seat hunters: Of course, how can I forget these. These I mostly do not hate because they are borderline funny. It’s funny to look at their tactics to get a freaking seat. They will do anything and I mean anything to get a seat in the metro. They are super annoying for me in two cases majorly: 1) when they try to save a seat for someone else too, that really irritates me somehow, 2) when I am standing right in front of a seat and they try to push me so that they can stand there as the next claimant of the seat, this is when all hell breaks loose and I make it a point to not let these kinds win with their shitty, uncivilized ways.
  6. Women who act victimized all the freaking time: Why is this point the last? Because this entire post was written in a fun way but this point is actually serious and scary. I think most women really need to realize that they are responsible, equal citizens instead of victims of society’s burdens. True, we have a tougher life than men in a patriarchal society, we are more unsafe, all that is true but does the onus to change that lies on someone else? Why should men treat us as equals when we ourselves act like privileged citizens asking men to stand up from seats to let us sit? I have heard about teenage girls asking old people sitting on the reserved seats to get up. Really? Lately, thanks to metro, I have started feeling that women and men are getting divided into two groups where both the groups hate each other fervently. Being cautious is one thing, but every time someone’s elbow hits you in a super crowded metro, it isn’t eve-teasing ladies! If you start putting up fights without understanding the real situation, obviously men would start treating us as a separate group which they are supposed to stand against at any cost. Can we please act like strong individuals instead of victims?

That’s all for my rant. I am sure you would have some public transport experiences which can be shared. Can’t wait to hear more cringe-worthy accounts! 😀 Oh, and, good ones too. 🙂

3 thoughts on “6 most annoying types of people in metro | Friday’s List

  1. Well, IIIT-D gives you life in a fucking metro. 😛 “Metro Diaries” shuru karte hai blog mai bata raha hu, dhoom macha denge, metro me hi sab hota hai yaar 😀
    Waise I can tolerate anything, bas physical contact nahi pasand 😛 bahut, bas theek se khade hone ki jagah de do yaar. 😛

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