Blue Heaven Fashion Eye Liner | Funny Name but oh, well.

My friend and I were strolling in the market when we decided to enter NewU (Dabur’s Cosmetic Chain) and started checking out glitter nail polishes. I wanted to buy NewU’s in-house glitter nail paints since a long time because I am off Maybelline as they aren’t cruelty-free (I know that Dabur isn’t either but I’ll explain my logic some other day 😛 ). So, my friend looked at the price for the NewU ones and said,”When they are priced exactly the same as Maybelline ones, why wouldn’t I buy Maybelline?” Since I was anyway off Maybelline and I could easily see that those two nail paints were almost the same, I decided to buy the NewU glitter nail paints. Once at home, I happened to examine another nail paint by Maybelline that I previously had and realized that both the Maybelline as well as the NewU one were manufactured by the same company in India. 🙂 Pheww! Why this lengthy story, you ask. Because we are so enticed by the marketing that the big giants are doing that we have completely shut our eyes to local brands! Honestly, if it wasn’t about going cruelty-free, my attention would also be grabbed by the L’oreals and the Maybellines of the world! I truly, truly crave their products and really hope that they stop selling in China so as to become cruelty free and I can finally buy them. :/


Anyway, so I happened to come across this eye liner on Flipkart when searching for a cruelty-free black liquid eye liner. I was shocked to see that there’s no review for this eye liner on any of the makeup blogs, I mean how it is so, ummm, hidden. I bought it anyway because I was curious & for the lack of choices and here’s what I think in a nutshell:

What I like:

  1. Felt tip: Having experienced only two liquid eye liners in my life so far, this and the famous Lakme one, I prefer the felt tip of this one more than the brush and I think it’s easier to work with. However, many people prefer Lakme’s brush tip more than a felt tip, so take your call.
  2. Indian brand and cruelty free.
  3. Compact and travel-friendly packaging: Unlike most liquid eye liners, this doesn’t have a glass bottle and instead has a sturdy, compact plastic one.
  4. It’s neither super glossy nor super matte. It’s somewhere in between and therefore, good for everyday use.
  5. Economical
  6. Easily available on Flipkart and local cosmetic stores.


What I think can be improved:

  1. It is not jet, dark black.
  2. It is not super long staying, as it does fade towards the end of a regular office day.

Overall, I think it is a great budget purchase and it is probably not a perfect choice but for the price, it is amazing! I think one can try this. 🙂


6 thoughts on “Blue Heaven Fashion Eye Liner | Funny Name but oh, well.

  1. I use Elf’s waterproof felt tip liner whenever I use it. I anyways recently started using eyeliners after I bought my first red lipstick. Rommel London red alert and now NARS Cruella from Sephora.
    Elf is cruelty free. Let me know next time whenever I come if you want anything. I can courier stuff to you from Pune.

    • That’s so sweet PB, no I’ll wait till you yourself visit Delhi and get me gifts 😀 and, yes, i find Elf a pretty neat brand though I am yet to try anything!
      and woah! PB has graduated to NARS and stuff haan, paise wali rich PB? now I can’t wait for my gifts, lol! 😛 😀

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