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Thank you Jabong for honoring us with this badge. It feels good to be one of those who received it. 🙂 On that note, happy Women’s Day y’all! I am proud of being a woman and a blogger, but I guess all the things mentioned in the badge are valid for bloggers in general, irrespective of their gender. Also, even though I believe that we should have fun and celebrate as many ‘days’ as we can, be it Valentine’s or any other day, I don’t so much like the idea of having a ‘Women’s Day’ because it clearly makes us look like a privileged section of the society/world, instead of, you know, equals. I would have liked it better if there was a Men’s day too, if there is, it is not popular enough. I think the reason is that men are pretty confident about their position in the society/world anyway.

How I digress! This post is going to be about how blogging has helped me evolve and has helped me know myself better. The best thing that has happened is that it has provided me clarity on things that I write about, that is the reason why you see what you see here, i.e. books, food, culture and not personal posts, because I enjoy the process of being honest about my likes and tastes when writing about these, I am not sure I’ll be able to express and enjoy writing when writing about personal life and hence I don’t write much in that department. If and when I feel like doing that, I’ll start writing more about that too. However, I had always imagined my blog to be about lifestyle only – things and experiences that interest me and I am happy that is how it is shaping up. I love voicing my opinion about these things and I am very happy that I have a space to do it. I think I have come a long way from when I first conceived the idea (way, way back in time) and when I published my first post (roughly 2 years back). I have also made some friends in the journey which I never expected really. I never thought that virtual relationships can be so nurturing! It has been really fulfilling in some or the other way to know these people, to grow with them.

There is clearly a lot to do but I have loved the journey so far nonetheless. 🙂

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