Election Mayhem | Monday Mumbles 9


Today’s question has been sent in by Bavneet. His question is in tune with the approaching Delhi elections. I am going to put his question as is and then move on to what I have to say. Here’s what he asks:

Considering the voting that is to take place soon, I would want you to discuss – What all to consider before deciding whom to vote for. I don’t want people’s opinion on who to vote for but I am more interested in the debate about what parameters do people consider before deciding. A few days I heard on a news channel, some stats on how many percent of people decide who to vote for on the basis of:

  1. CM Candidate 
  2. Party
  3. The candidate standing from your constituency 
  4. The issues party supports 

Now, I would like you to state your opinion and ask some intelligent questions”.

My Answer: Well, intelligent questions I don’t have any right now but apart from my opinion, one thought I have that may or may not be considered intelligent. First the opinion. I think no matter what we say, the most important factor is trust. Ultimately, whom you give your vote depends on whom you want to put your trust in. That is governed by these other factors like who is the candidate, the issues party supports etc. The problem with trust is that it has a lot to do with emotions and we all know that parties easily bank upon that. So, we have to make sure that our trust is based on the right things and not governed by emotions. As for myself, before the Lok Sabha elections, the one factor that made me trust a party/candidate was how much they focus on development, even more than corruption, but when the election mayhem began during that time, another factor became important – the fact that a dictator is never good for a leader, and unfortunately, this is kind of becoming true, we see that the current ruling party and their associates are trying to force their ideologies and faiths on the entire nation. However, bitter it may sound, I still would want to focus on the development part because I really feel that once half-naked kids stop begging outside malls, the rest of the things will fall into place. For me, our biggest problem is poverty or, in other words, income disparity. So, even though, I have issues with many of the governing principles of the ruling party, my trust was based on the hope that they had given for development. So, my answer for Bavneet’s question is that in the present scenario, my most important factor is who promises growth and development.

Now coming to the thought that I had, I think a lot of BS goes around when people start believing in a party whole-heartedly. People feel that everything that party does is angelic and what the other party does is devilish. A lot of people are commenting on how BJP is trying to earn votes solely by mud-slinging on AAP and not doing anything else. Another set of people think that AAP just wants power, they will become the same once they come to power. What I don’t understand is how people forget that all these parties are composed of humans. Of course, most people are power-hungry, of course, most people feel threatened when their rival gets popular and they try to bring them down through dirty politics. And the smirk people give when talking about the scams that the previous party did, I can safely say that if some of these people got a chance to earn fast money, they would grab it just the same way! My point is that humans tend to governed by greed and lust, which is obviously not a good thing, but don’t make these the only criterion to decide, the people we are voting for are just as humans as us and we should focus more on what concrete they can deliver. 

Pheww! Now it’s your turn. Also, I do not have a very strong opinion about politics yet, let’s just say that I am opening my eyes towards it gradually. So, if there’s anything that you find ignorant, you should let me know. 🙂

If you want to ask/share something in next Monday Mumbles, drop me an email at srish.myblog@gmail.com.

19 thoughts on “Election Mayhem | Monday Mumbles 9

  1. right this might be me being hypocrite or maybe because i dont live in india.. but to me it seems “HEre we go again…… “… same old pallava and same old people those who look for themselves and for whome country has never been something ..

  2. “I do not have a very strong opinion about politics yet, let’s just say that I am opening my eyes towards it gradually.” Same goes for me 😛
    I liked the way you look at the scenario, the humans and not the party.
    Also “trust” is a great parameter to consider, but it seems a bit hard for me to connect trust with a candidate (as of now), I mean trust is something that a very few people earn from anyone, right. But I get the idea, just need some time to absorb it and define my own sense of trust that I should expect out of a candidate like growth and development was for you. 🙂 😀

    • actually i am not asking it to be a parameter, i am just saying that trust would ultimately be the parameter, subconsciously you will be trusting someone to vote. it’s better to focus on what you expect them to deliver and then let your mind trust them, instead of letting your mind trust someone based on how as a person they are.

      On Mon, Feb 2, 2015 at 11:48 PM, Life of Srish wrote:


  3. The important part for me also is development. Having lived in another country and seeing the infrastructure in even the tiniest towns have given me dreams about India heading into positivity. That was the whole reason I decided to invest my hard earned dollars in property in India. Although it’s a selfish investment, it is an investment in my country.
    I want to see what a candidate’s stance on development is and at what cost to the environment. Accessibility to public and relationship with the masses is also very important as we would rather no have a PM if they are going to be mute.
    I am very excited about the NRI voting directive and very willing to sign up as soon as possible!

  4. Srish..Ignore my previous comment..I usually face login issue while commenting on our blog via phone. So was testing.

    First of all, nice post. This is why I like reading your blog. You bring something new to the table and have a solid point of view for things. Kudos to that.

    Coming to the point. I am also opening my eyes towards politics. Thanks to the current scenario. There is a hope.

    If I could vote in Delhi I would have also voted for the party that talks about Growth Development and Women Security. Nothing else matters now. We have such a huge potential but sadly parties are so deep in their internal politics that they have sidelined this issue for years.

    I too believe that no party is perfect. It consists of human and thus you will have all kind of people. I don’t expect and believe that change can be bought in few months. Something that has been prevailing for years cannot vanish in months. But a party has to have the a vision and commitment towards making it.

    So I would just see who said and delivered really. Not just fancy figures but delivered in terms of people feeling the chance.

    Let there be Hope.

  5. Honesty and Background should be the parameters. and AAP is perfect for DILLI.

    And being interested in politics, let me tell you guys that on the Ground level, people are still trapped into castism and religion. They are cutting the roots of India and if you observe the latest elections too, People have voted on base of caste. Observe the BJP, A HINDUTVA PARTY. They won a landslide victory in JAMMU ( HINDU DOMINATED) but didn’t get a single seat in KASHMIR VALLEY ( MUSLIM DOMINATED). What would we say? Are we still voting for a good India?

  6. Hiiii Srishtyy! It’s been such a long time since we chatted. I’m so sorry that I’m gatecrashing on your comments section and talking irrelevant things here. Just wanted to say HII… okies, take care girl! cya

    • haha! hiii shruti di, how are you? any trips coming up? 😀 i am very busy with work and studies these days, that is why I am not posting (and reading less blogs too), would be back on or after 23rd for sure 😀 and i am so glad you gatecrashed somewhere to talk! 😀

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