7 | Friends | Monday Mumbles

Monday Mumbles

Thought I’ll just share some tidbits around one of my favorite TV shows – Friends – with you all!

1. Favorite character – Chandler. I have read on many posts that people didn’t like him when the love story began but I started liking him even more, I actually think he grew on me towards that time only. I totally loved how he was portrayed as a vulnerable person in the beginning but he is always the one who does or says the right thing in complex situations, he is the one who eases everything while Monica is always hyper.

2. Monica & Chandler – best couple ever! ❤

3. I am a lot like Monica, never noticed it until someone pointed it out. And after that, there’s no going back. I can related to so many of her traits and its kind of sad because I hate those traits. 😦

4. I don’t like Rachel’s character. I love her fashion sense and Jennifer Aniston is hot anyway but the character I don’t like. It’s way too selfish for its own good.

5. I am just watching the second season right now (this post was sitting in my drafts since years so I don’t know when exactly ‘right now’ was :)) and don’t we all just love Richard? I didn’t like him and Monica as a couple because, honestly, the age difference did affect me but, overall, he was just adorable, like, almost perfection. Too bad that Chandler had to fill in his shoes, but then, if he was almost perfection, Chandler was beyond perfection for me. 🙂

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